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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Laughs 6.22.13

Linking up with www.the-mommy for Saturdays top 5 laughs of the week.

1.  Eyan now has an imagination...he also has a tshirt that looks like Buzz Lightyear...and an imaginary set of wings and a jet pack.  He pushed the printed buttons on his shirt and pretends to "blast off!"  So.Flippin.Cute

2. Emberlynn is getting to be quite the little Diva.  If someone is talking while she's eating she will cry.  If she is not getting attention from someone 24/7 she will cry.  If Eyan gets hurt, she will cry.  Oh the teenage years are going to be very dramatic.

3.  If you have children and we have a play date, Eyan will just start calling your kids his cousins...boom instant family.  I knew you all wanted to be a part of this chaos.

4. So I decided its time to go back to thongs after my pregnancy stint in granny panties... (don't judge...unless you're some thong ninja that can wear a gigantic pads with them, we've all been Victoria's Secret has no reason to be disrespected like that:). 

5. Emberlynn farts like a man.  So loud and no shame.  She just smiles through it (and probably lifts a leg too).