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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alice's WonderPrints {Review}

Oh.My.God I am in love with the newest addition to my children's rooms!  No joke they are perfect. What are they you ask?  Well they are these gorgeous prints of my children's birth information.

When I first contacted Kaylan the owner and designer of Alice's WonderPrints, I had no clue what exactly I wanted.  I knew I loved her designs, I knew I wanted to help her grow her business (because let's be honest this is some adorable stuff) and I knew I wanted to have something for both my kids.

Kaylan and I came up with doing birth information for the kids.  She collected some small tidbits of information, then asked for pictures of the kids rooms and went to work.  So simple and easy.  She sent me some proofs to edit and change as I deemed necessary and once we both loved the final product she framed them beautifully and sent them my way!  The quality of everything was high class and she really took the time to find mats that matched well and frames that were extremely well built.  I also loved how she took one of the airplanes from the pictures of Eyan's room I sent her and put it into the picture.  

One of my most favorite parts was the little envelope attached to the back of each frame with a prayer in it for both my kids.  I left it attached to the back and when my kids move their rooms around (which we all know will happen) I cannot wait for them to find that little envelope!

Kaylan is an up and coming designer and is building quite the little business with Alice's WonderPrints.  She is so excited to be working with We Got the Funk and has generously offered ALL of my readers 20% off a print of your choice with the code "FUNKY".  She can do ANYTHING from birth announcements to invitations to the beautiful prints you see above and in various sizes.  Head over to her Facebook page or her Etsy store to check it out.  She takes orders through both Facebook and Etsy!


Disclosures:  Alice's WonderPrints provided me the items for review. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by an outside source.


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    1. I know right! She's working on building her etsy store so her prices that are listed are for her larger prints, but I got the small ones and love them! Check out her FB page for sure!

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