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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Motherlove My Saving Grace {Review!}

It is no secret that I am a nursing mama.  There never really was any question if I was going to nurse or not.  I had already planned that way before I was even pregnant.

When Eyan was born our nursing journey was not exactly easy.  He went to the NICU and I was not ever even asked if he was going to be breastfed or not.  They just gave him a bottle of formula.  If there is one thing that truly angers me about Eyan's entire birth experience, that would be it.  After a lot of thought I think they did it because they were thinking I was not going to make it or I would be in serious condition for a long while.  Regardless, it was a big set back and caused some issues that could have easily been prevented had I been consulted.

Eyan and I eventually got the hang of it and I nursed him successfully (but not exclusively) for over 10 months.  Around 3 months Eyan began to get really really fussy and really frustrated when I would place him to my breast.  Basically there was no milk after like 2pm and instead of doing something about it, I would give him formula.  He was supplemented with formula here and there and ended his first year on formula. 

So when Emberlynn began the same behavior changes, I immediately started to worry.  Emberlynn is exclusively breastfed and I am really proud and ADAMANT that she stay that way.  Although I have NOTHING against formula, I just really want to do this MY way.   So I started talking to a lactation consultant and after some trouble shooting and trying EVERY technique in the book, she referred me to Motherlove Herbal Company.  I contacted these awesome people and they assessed my needs and sent me a sample of the More Milk Plus Capsules.

First off I cannot even express in words how helpful Kim and Sherri were over at Motherlove.  They were honest, listened to my needs and concerns and addressed them very quickly.

I received the product and began taking it as directed on the bottle.  What I liked about it was that it was in capsules so it was very easy to take one and not have to taste the herbs in it (heard that they do not taste very well) and the dosage is easy to follow.  What I don't like is that it is recommended that you wait 15 minutes to drink before and after taking it.  I am constantly thirsty so this has been tough for me, but I faithfully follow that recommendation and literally within 1 full day of taking the capsules there was a BIG change in my milk supply!

Prior to using the Motherlove More Milk Plus Capsules I could just barely keep up with Emberlynn.  If she is having a particular hungry day then there was a lot of fussing and crying and pacifying just to calm her.  After taking the product for the last 2 weeks, Emberlynn is MUCH more content and happy and full.  A bonus is that I am also making a little extra and I can store it!  I am so happy that our exclusive breastfeeding journey is going well and that I can provide this awesome nourishment and gift to my tiny peanut.

Another bonus that I am attributing to this awesome company is that Emberlynn is FINALLY gaining more weight and growing!  She has been slowly but steadily getting bigger, but the last couple weeks we have seen a pretty dramatic weight gain.  She went from gaining an average of .2oz a week to .5oz in the last couple weeks!  I can't be 100% sure but I think that since she can get more milk she is taking it in and is just a happy little growing peanut!

Overall, Motherlove was wonderful to work with, the product did exactly what it was supposed to and made my life so much easier!  Be sure to check out Motherlove on Facebook and on their website


Disclaimer:  Motherlove Herbal Company provided me with the More Milk Plus Capsules for free for review.  All thoughts, opinions, and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by any outside source.


  1. I used Mother's Love More Milk Plus with Bailey and it did wonders! Without it I would have had to stop nursing long before I did. I still wasn't able to exclusively bf for as long as I wanted, but much longer than I otherwise could have! Love their product!!!

    1. I wish I would have found this earlier! So glad Motherlove worked for you too :)

  2. Love Motherlove!! I never used teh More Milk Plus but all the other products are fantastic too! Glad she is gaining weight! Little lady!! Also - did you know that Motherlove is a colorado based company!! Woot!

    1. I did know it was Colorado based. I'm excited to try a few of the other products. I'm so glad she is gaining, hopefully in a month or two we can fit into some of our 3-6 month clothes :)


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