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Monday, July 15, 2013

That day I took my kids to some bars

So in March a very good family friend and biker brother of my dads passed away.  He was a fantastic man and I only have very good memories of my "uncle Ed."  He died in another state and my dad's club was unable to make the formal services.  As is tradition in the biker community, you honor your brother.  So on Sunday the brotherhood got together and had a nice ride and some drinks in his honor.  

We started the memorial off by meeting at a bar that he used to live and work at and had breakfast and said our stories about him.  I had the babies and didn't even think to get a sitter, so they came with me.  It really was lo key, everyone there is my family and we were actually on the patio and in the backyard of the bars, so truthfully they were not really in the bar area.  Regardless, after the breakfast, stories and drinks (not me!), we headed to our next stop which just happens to be one of my favorite places to grab some delicious nachos!  

I packed up the kids from bar #1 and snapped some photos of my dad and his brothers riding and headed to bar #2. 

My mama!

Bar #2 is Jerry D's and it's a biker bar in Dacono, Co.  It is a really cool place with great greasy food.  They have a wonderful backyard and this awesomely HUGE chopper.  Eyan and Papa had to take a photo.

I don't typically take my kids to bars, but everyone was great about it and like I said, they are my family and I could not miss out on saying goodbye to my "uncle Ed."



  1. Starting them early I see! ;0) I'm glad you brought them with you, it looks like an experience they really needed to be a part of. Family is family, and when it comes to celebrating their life I think everyone needs to come together even the littles and even if it's at a bar.

    1. :) Yes! My kids are little biker babies! I should have taken photos of them there. Thanks for the support, I truly believe the family is family aspect as well!


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