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Monday, July 8, 2013

Today I give up...

Monday you have officially kicked my butt for several reasons:

1. Explosive dog diarrhea all over my living room (mind you I have white carpet and furniture and its 90 freaking degrees out).  Thankfully the hubby cleaned that up and shampooed the carpets and furniture and we managed to air out the place before it got to dang hot, but seriously!  I will spare you the photo of this one. 

2. 4 month sleep regression.  Little human, mommy needs more than 4 hours of sleep...lock it up

3.  How in the heck do babies manage to spit up everywhere else but on the blankets and burp rags you laid out

4. Oh and of course while I was out shopping my freaking nursing shirt got pulled to the side and well...hello boobies!  Guess who didn't notice that until her son told her...ugh 

5. This is the current state of my living room:
The kids need to nap simultaneously so I can get some cleaning seriously, I can't even handle the chaos and the dust and the freakish amount of baby items crammed in here.

Someone send's only 3.