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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We're Tired

I used to have a great little sleeper on my hands. 

Then she decided to torture her mommy and stop sleeping 5-8 hour stretches a night.  It's like I have a newborn again.  Up to feed, change, rock and comfort every.damn.hour.  Now I get that 4 months is still relatively "new" and this is typical behavior.  Which it totally is.  But come on! Oh and naps...what are those?  It's 1:15 here and she has only taken a 10 minute nap since 9 am.  I've read tons of stuff; 4 month sleep regression, the wonder weeks and mounds of other "sleep expert" advice.  Obviously this is all happening, her sleep patterns are changing, she wants to sleep on me, she's developing like crazy and her feeding habits are also changing.  But I'm just exhausted and having a difficult time not losing my mind.  I love the kid, I know many people that would kill for sleepless snuggly babies and I wouldn't trade it.  So I guess we just deal...at least she's cute :)



  1. Hi Laura :-) I love reading your blog and seeing your sweet kiddos as they grow!
    I'm sorry Emerblynn isn't sleeping -- I think the lack of sleep is the hardest part of parenting!
    Are you still nursing? If you are then I am guessing you have tried this but thought I'd suggest it anyhow .... have you given up caffeine? I had trouble with both Grace and Jack when they were 5-6 months with no sleeping and no naps and once I cut out all coffee/soda it made a WORLD of difference. The adjustment was hard because at first I still wasn't getting much sleep and I wasn't getting my caffeine fix in the mornings but once it was out of my kiddo's systems they went back to being champion sleepers. Hope this helps!

    1. Hey Katie!
      So glad you read and follow! I do nurse, but I don't really drink caffeine as it is. I might have a soda once a week, but I'm definitely considering cutting that out now :)

      I'm also working on eliminating all dairy :(. How long did it take for the caffeine to leave their systems

  2. Arg. Bailey did the same thing! I had her sleeping through the night and napping wonderfully. Then around 4 months she stopped. She wasn't up every hour, but a couple of times a night which lasted for a couple of months. Being sleep deprived really stinks.


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