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Saturday, August 10, 2013

5 months!

No weight or height checks this month, but I'm betting she is 13lbs and the same height (24")!  She is just slightly bigger than my almost 2 month old cousin (by less than a lb) and is still comfortable wearing 0-3 month clothes with some newborn items mixed in.  She is going to be in size 1 diapers forever at this rate, but hey, the smaller the size, the more diapers in a box!  She is really learning to grasp objects and starting to be a little more self entertained, but prefers to be held and played with 24 hrs a day!  She LOVES Eyan and if no one can calm her, he sure can.  She watches him and only does the belly laughs for him (and of course when I'm out of the room and can only hear and not see)!

Overall, as she is learning to control her own body, she is chilling out a bit.  The carseat is still a struggle, but not near as bad as it was a few weeks ago.  She is still waking 2-3 times a night.  I tried transitioning her to her crib in her room, but with her waking so much, this mama was too tired to fight this battle. So she is still sleeping in the rock n play next to our bed.  

She is trying so hard to grab the food out of our hands and wants to eat so bad.  One more month until we can start some solids.  I'm going to try to make my own baby food too...we'll see how that goes!  She has had some very watered down apple juice (thanks constipation) and licked an actual apple and loved that, so I'm very eager for her to start eating solids.

She is a babbling, drooling, wanting to sit and stand and do everything she is just not big enough for yet, little baby.  She loves her feet and her smile just melts my soul.  I am so incredibly happy, and love dressing her up and showing her and Eyan off!  Happy 5 months tiny peanut.