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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I wish we could go camping...

...but a day trip up the mountains and 4-wheeling should quell that need for a bit!

Jason and I bought a 27' travel trailer off Craigslist back in December, thinking we got a great deal.  Boy were we completely wrong.  Instead we got a fire damaged, stinky, electrical nightmare that needs some serious TLC and is clearly not ready for camping anytime soon.  So when my family decided to go camping this weekend, Jason and I had to sadly decline.  However, we still wanted to have some mountain fun...and we did!  

We got a bit lost heading up to the trails to meet everyone, but after we made it, we unloaded the ATV and rode off and on for 7 hours!  Eyan was probably on the ATV 5 of those hours.  That boy loves 4-wheeling.  Of course it rained, so the babies and I hung out in the trailer playing and sleeping, while the hubby learned why not to drink whiskey with my dad and his friends.  I in turn got to drive us the 1.5 hour home in the dark down the mountain, with two sleeping babies and 1 very talkative, not so sober husband.  Oh the memories!

Heading up the mountain

My adorable muddy boy fresh off the ATV trails and just FILTHY.

Emberlynn just chillaxin

Me and my babies waiting out the rain

Auntie and Ember Snuggling


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  1. That stinks that your camper isn't usable. :0( We have a 20 year old pop-up that I camped in with my parents when I was a kid. It works, but has a ton of issues too. Hopefully in another year or two we'll be able to get something a little nicer!


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