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Saturday, August 10, 2013


We did our annual family day trip to our local 100 year old (slightly ghetto and dangerous) amusement park, because my grandpa loves the nostalgia of it and spoiling his family.  Can't complain, we had a great time!  Lakeside opened in 1908 and still serves a large population of Coloradans.  Last week we met up with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents for some fun.  Eyan rode almost every kiddie ride and enjoyed some big kid rides too!

He loves these darn cars
Oh! An airplane with a fake gun!
Horse and chariot ride
Oh and mom and dad rode a few too.  We took on the Cyclone wooden roller coaster and lived to talk about it.  No joke this this is hand braked and when the ride is going all the operators are watching it very intently.  We sat in the very back car, crunched in and smashing hips on all the twists and bumps. I may have thought we were going to die...but we survived!
After the ride, don't we look happy...


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  1. I love, and hate, wooden roller coasters! They can be incredibly painful, but there's something about that old fashioned clicking noise the new rides just don't make!


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