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Thursday, August 1, 2013


After a lot of thought and consideration and delving into my own experience with ear piercings, Jason and I decided it was time to take Emberlynn in and get her ears pierced.  I was nervous and had been unsure whether I wanted to do it while she was young or wait until she was older to make that decision.

As a child myself, I had my ears pierced 3 separate times as they would get infected and then I would have to take them out before they were ready.   This was due to an allergy to the metal...which is why all my jewelry has to be real gold.  Those separate piercing experiences were not great.  This is part of the reason we chose to do Emberlynn's so early.  I don't want her to remember the pain.  I can easily clean and care for her ears and we made sure to purchase 24k white gold earrings to hopefully avoid any possibly allergies. 

So off we went to our local Claire's store in the mall.  Poor girl had no clue what was about to happen and just smiled at the lady getting ready to pierce her ears as she dotted the earlobe. The Claire's associate was wonderful and calm and QUICK!

Then it happened...

Then my tiny peanut cried and whimpered for a couple minutes, then was fine.  

Her ears hardly turned red and within the hour I could turn the earrings, clean them and lay her on her side with no sign of pain.  

Once we were done we headed next door to The Disney Store and Emberlynn picked out a dolly (the Tangled princess I think) and Eyan got some Toy Story swag. 

Overall, I am very glad we did this now.  She can't pull on her ears.  I can insure they are cleaned and taken care of properly and the pain will not be remembered.  



  1. We got Charlie's done right before she turned 3 months and it was a great time to do it!

    She looks so cute!!

  2. WE keep going back and forth on this issue. Cant decide and now that Teagan is 9 months i think we lost our perfect time. So I think we wil be waiting. She is so pretty!!


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