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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Breastfast Club

I originally wrote this post as a guest post for Sarah over at  Nurse Loves Farmer amazing series on breastfeeding.  I loved it so much, I thought I would share it here. Enjoy!

My first time breastfeeding I went into like most; unaware of how neither baby nor I actually knew what we were doing and not prepared for how difficult it would be.  I kind of figured that it would be natural and easy and that was it.  I was unprepared for the chaos that his birth would cause in our nursing journey.  I had ecclampsia with my son Eyan that ended in an emergency (very emergency) csection, a baby in the NICU (from the effects of the magnesium) and a mommy with failing kidneys and terrible vitals.  I was never asked if my son was going to breastfeed or not...he was just given formula from the start.  When I finally met him (24 hours later) and I asked to breastfeed, the nurses were taken back and not as helpful as I would have liked.  I persisted and Eyan and I kinda had the hang of that...until my milk came in.  When my milk came in it didn't come out at pump, hot showers, nursing or hand expressing was getting it out.  This lead to a trip back to the hospital to visit the lactation consultant for some assistance.  After a rough start and supplementing with formula for 10 months, Eyan weaned himself and we finished the year off on formula.  It wasn't exactly the way I wanted my breastfeeding experience to go.

So when we found out we were expecting number 2, I had an entire plan set out.  I joined an online community of awesome women, read more on breastfeeding and had an actual goal to exclusively breastfeed for 1 year.  When my daughter Emberlynn was born in March, I nursed her right away (in recovery from the csection)!  I continued to nurse her and 4 months out she has not had an ounce of formula!  I have nothing against formula, however after lots of research and discussions with my online mama's, and I have discovered so many versatile and amazing uses of breast milk!  So today I plan on sharing some of those great uses with you!

Did you know...
  • Breast milk has TONS of great proteins in it which help fight infections and heal!  So when your nipples are cracked and bleeding, express a little extra milk and rub it into the nipple and let air dry.  Your nipples will heal quicker!
  • Breast milk can also be used on baby for various cuts, infections and rashes.  Just dab it on.  Some that I have used are:
    • Goopy Eye:  Emberlynn had a clogged duct.  A few days of putting breast milk into her eye and it cleared right up!
    • Baby Acne:  Dab it on and baby had clear skin (usually within less than a day).
    • Those tiny cuts and scrapes
    • Diaper rash!  Yes, totally works. 
  • For the teething baby, freeze your milk into ice trays and then place it in those little mesh feeder bags and let baby chew away!  
  • For a baby that is not yet ready for solids but is SO interested in eating, express some milk into a bowl and spoon feed baby.  It is super messy, but the baby will love it.
  • When you start solids, mix it with your breast milk.  It helps with the transition and the taste differences.
  • Some that I have not tried myself but many of my online mama's swear by are:
    • Place it in ear to help clear up an ear infection.
    • Giving it to a sick toddler, the proteins will help fight the infection.
    • Putting it on a burn.
    • Using it to clear up adult skin blemishes and dry skin.
Hopefully some of these tips are helpful!  Thank you Sarah for starting this awesome series!