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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Much Needed Getaway

Let me just tell you, with the stress of work, and this whole not sleeping business, we were due for a little family getaway!  So off to my grandparents cabin we went and boy did we have a fantastic time.  We hit some serious thick fog and it was so scary as we were heading up there.  Once we got there it started snowing and it didn't let up for 36 hours!  So basically, Emberlynn and I just hung out in the cabin while Jason gallivanted in the snow and Eyan well, he attempted to keep up with daddy, but mostly, hung with grammy and sissy.  I didn't take too many photos as I literally did not leave the cabin, but I captured some cute moments.

Daddy & Eyan getting ready to go 4-wheeling
Grammy-Great and Emberlynn just hanging out
Gah!  This boy is such a ham!
My babies and their great-grandparents! 
Oh and the aspens were changing...LOVE