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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beautiful Baby Photos!!!

I don't think I ever shared these with you guys.  Let me tell you how in love I am with all these photos of my darling baby girl.  My photographer is fantastic and her photos are just perfection!  She shoots a variety of images, has fantastic props and is so sweet and open to ideas.  Visit her website to see more of her amazing work!

Emberlynn's Newborn Session

3 Month Session

6 Month Session

I am ridiculously in LOVE with these photos!  She make my little baby look too sweet and just perfect.  Emberlynn loves taking photos and is always so intrigued by what Krista is doing.  I cannot wait for our family photos in November!!!

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  1. love these, she is so cute! I would buy them all and make a canvas wall. I am slightly obsessed with pictures.


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