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Monday, October 7, 2013

Day Out with Thomas

My friend Censie over at Building Our Story, recently wrote about taking her son Jude to A Day out With Thomas, which looked like so much fun, that we had to take Eyan!

So we purchased tickets, and headed out with Jason's aunt and uncle to the Colorado Railroad Museum to check out Thomas and have a little fun.

The train table was a hit!

I tried doing a "selfie" of the kids...neither were impressed

All of us on the train getting ready to ride...Uncle Bob is bragging to his son on the phone and making him part of the photo

Eyan and Thomas! 
So a little review for the masses, because the blunt truth can be really helpful when deciding if you want to spend the cash on something like this or save it for something better.
  • We chose a ride time that was not sold out and that made it much easier to get around and see everything.
  • Eyan likes Thomas, but is not a fanatic...therefore this was not near as cool as Disneyland to the boy and may have been a slight waste of money.  At $18.00 a ticket, it was a little expensive and although the train ride was longer then I expected and they did have a few kids areas set up, it was not worth the cash for us.
  • The Pizza selling people from Boulder are funny and make delicious pizza...I wish I would have written their name down because seriously the food stand they had there was AMAZING!
  • We literally got through the entire place with all the events in less then 1.5 hours...that is how interested my son was.  We had already been there one time prior and been through all the cars, and he just did not want to walk through all of them again.  
  • The parking shuttle is nice, but unorganized.  At one point a group that was at the waiting point prior to us, waited to get on until last and then could not fit their entire family on the shuttle and were very upset.  The driver made it sound like this was commonplace. 
  • Overall, we would probably wait for a while before we do this again.  Eyan likes Thomas but just not enough for him to light up and get super excited and really enjoy the day.