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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dr Scholl's For Her Review!

So I am not your typical shoe loving girl.  Well I should rephrase that...I love shoes but I love comfort even more and when I find a pair of comfortable shoes, I will wear them for years.  This is no joke, I have a pair of shoes that I currently wear fairly regularly that have been in my closet since 7th grade (That is like 16 years!)

So when I was sent the Dr. Scholl's for her Comfort Insoles to try out, I was pretty excited.  I have used Dr. Scholl's inserts before in my skates, but never in my everyday shoes. 

I decided to throw them in my knockoff Toms and see how much more comfort and support they really gave.  To my surprise, they were fantastic!  I loved that I did not have to cut them to fit my shoe, they were not too sticky or gummy (which other cheaper insole brands are!), the arch support was just right and they were pretty!

Overall, these insoles rocked and I hope you check them out!