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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eyan's 1st Day of Preschool

Or as I like to call it "Prettyschool."  Ok so maybe not for a boy (because boys wear blue and girls wear pink and that makes it Prettyschool according to my 4 year old self), but he sure looked handsome!

The day started off rough with Eyan up sometime between 4-5am for no real reason.  Then we lazed around waiting for the tiniest peanut girl to wake around 6:30.  After she was up we headed downstairs for some breakfast and cartoons.  I ran around packing the diaper bag, his backpack and grabbing everything I needed for Emberlynns 6 month photos (that we're also today)!  It was insane.  At some point I got dressed and then Eyan got grumpy, told me he didn't want to go to school and threw the mother of all tantrums.  Yeah that was fun but we managed to finagle some clothes and cute pictures out of him and head off to grab Jen and go to our first day of preschool.  

At drop of I was expecting some tears (from both mom and kid) but no joke, he walked in and sat down in the middle of the toys with his backpack still on and could have cared less that I was leaving. His teacher had to ask him to give mommy a kiss and he quickly did then ran back off.  

I waited anxiously to pick him up and see how school went.  I picked up my mom and we headed over to grab him.  All the parents were waiting and Eyan saw my mom before me, he grabbed her hand and took her right over to his art project for the day and toured her around his classroom!  He told us about playing and making apples and his girlfriend Tessa that he now loves.  Gah it was cute as heck!

I forgot to post about our preschool meeting last Wednesday where we toured his class and met his teacher.  Here are some photos from that.  

So overall, day 1 was a success.  I anticipate the next several to go very well!  The teacher is organized, patient and experienced and Eyan is super excited!