Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day |We Got the FUNK

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day

Today I remember and I honor the babies who never took their first breath, were born into the hands of God and who we never met.  My angel babies are watching over us and although I have two beautiful children here with me, my angel babies are never far from my mind.

6 weeks along with a baby I will never hold in my arms
Everyday is tough; Everyday I think about my babies who I never met, but feel like I know.  However, I also realize that without those extremely tough losses, I would probably not have these two...

The most recent photo I have...sorry it is a bit on the silly side

...and then I breathe a little lighter, realize God has a plan and my precious babies are in the best place ever.  Watching over us all and guarding are hearts, waiting until we meet again.