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Monday, November 11, 2013

8 months!

Moms say it all the time, but it really is true...we can't believe how fast time flies when our babies are growing up.  Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, or the constant busy schedule of running kids here and there, or maybe time really does speed up.    Who really knows, but I'm telling you, I truly have no clue how my tiny baby is already 8 months old!

Emberlynn is the typical healthy 8 month old.  She talks up a storm...however, nothing that is a word.  She does say mama and dada, but just as sounds and not directed towards anyone just yet (my bets on dada)!  She loves to mimic faces and sounds and has this adorable fake laugh cough that gets me every time.  Sometimes she sleeps well and other times she is a horrible monster of a sleeper.  When I say "well", I mean she is still getting up 2-3x a night.  

She is not crawling yet and probably won't for a couple weeks.  At least I hope so because she is getting frustrated and finally figured out how to get up in all fours.  She just wants to chase Eyan around!  Speaking of Eyan, she loves it when he holds her or talks to her, or pretends to carry her around.  He is her most favorite "toy."

Emberlynn is still a tiny peanut.  Unofficially she is almost 15 lbs.  She still wears size 1 diapers and she is wearing 3-6 month clothes.  Most fit a little big, but overall the fit is perfect.  I think if she wasn't so tall, we would still be wearing 0-3 month clothes.  

On the topic of clothes, do you know how frustrating it is becoming to dress this girl?  I can't find cute shoes for her that are small enough. Shoes are a must as she yanks her socks off every chance she gets.  All the clothes I had for her age range are far to big for her, and the ones she wears now are mostly geared towards summer.  Oh and size 3-6 month clothing selection is pretty awful.  It's basically onesies and pants.  Gymboree and The Children's place are my go to place for more "outfit" type clothes, and even then it's a tough search. 

You know what's crazy about all of this, I just do not care that she is the size of the average 4 month old.  I love that she is tiny.  So those minor frustrations are just stupid.  Stop growing peanut...ok grow just enough that the doctors aren't concerned.

Happy 8 months sweet tiny peanut!