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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Am I cut out for this?

You know as a parent I think that particular question crosses our minds here and there (or know).  Sometimes I wonder if I am adequate?  Are we doing this right?  Truth: probably not.  We are surviving.  We are making up the rules as we go, and believe me no rules work the same way for each kid.  

In education we are told that every child learns differently and that it is our job to figure out how they learn and teach to that.  As parents we are handed a baby with no directions and a lot of smiling faces and quiet back room chatter waiting for us to fail.  Oh and fail we will.  Every. Single. Day.  We as parents are typically harder on ourselves then any other person.  That child that came with no directions, really could care less.  They just need basic resources and love.  At least that's what "they"--meaning everyone-- have said.  

So then we wonder...are we cut out for this?  Did we choose or have the right path chosen for us?  Are we missing out and giving up a huge part of who we once were, to be people who are consistently failing...albeit trying, but failing at this parenting business?  Again I answer with "probably."  

But with that "probably" is the true success.  If you are reflective in your parenting, you are not failing.  If you have sacrificed a bit of who you once were just to become the even better (probably covered in spit up and slightly smelly) parent, you are not failing.  If you are trying (even through the tears, the tantrums, the straight up defiance), you are not failing. 

You see, all parents are adequate, we just have to try.