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Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Recap!

Our Halloween was FANTASTIC!  We were insanely busy and drove all over the state to see and do tons of things, but it was all worth it!

My little Ninja Turtle & Elephant had a great day with family and we're unbelievably well behaved!  

We started the day at Eyans school party, where the kids trick or treated, had some sweets (I tried to be creative with the vampire cookies)! Oh and that baby...she napped.

From there we headed to Gigi & Papi's for snuggles and of course more candy!  We just can't get enough of these people ;) 

After that we stopped at home for a quick lunch and nap.  I set up a little trick for the A-hole teenage neighbor boy...can you spot it?

After a little R&R we hopped into the truck an stopped at my parents house and Jens house so they could see the kids all dressed up!  They spoiled the heck out of my babies :)

Our last phase of the day was trick or treating with our cousins and Chuck E cheese!  We closed that place down and didn't get back home until almost midnight!  What a fantastic time we had!  Tell me about yours!