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Friday, November 22, 2013

On Life

So today I thought it would be nice to take a little trip down memory lane.  To relive the past year of my life.  Truly though, I just wanted to see how large I was this time last year with little missy growing and growing.

So I read EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of my pregnancy updates (yes I am supposed to be teaching today...the kids are working online...I am slacking).  So in reading all of these, I realized a few things:

1. I am SO thankful I actually decided to do a post per week.  It was fun to read through and remember just how much of a miracle it is to grow a human from a single cell!

2. I was extremely bipolar!  Some of my posts were happy, some were grumpy, all were complainyish (not a word but totally a word now).  I wonder if my writing is always like this.  If only I had the time to read all 500+ posts I have made in 3 years.

3. I am extremely sad but relieved all at once that we are done having any more little humans.  It is an odd feeling, especially since most of my friends do not have kids.  I just can't explain it but man it is odd.

I miss blogging, I miss just feeling like I could center myself a bit by writing out all of my insane and unorganized thoughts and then get right back on track.  I think my goal for 2013 will be to give myself more "me" time.  Hopefully that includes writing!

Life is great, it is always great when it is full of love.



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    1. :). Isn't it so weird how you feel so complete but sad at the same time? Thanks for hopping by!


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