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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Parenting sucks

Sometimes I don't want to be a mom.  Sometimes it would be great to just have a weekend where my kids were not the center of my universe and I was able to just be me...and sleep like normal, enjoy a meal, clean my house and have it stay clean.  You know, the finer things in life.  

People are probably reading thinking I'm such a bitch.  I am ungrateful and that people are out there praying daily for a family and here I am ready to give mine back.  Well stop right there.  I'm not even close to wanting to give them back.  I am all too familiar with the struggles to have a child and I thank God nightly and pray for their health every day.   They are my blessings, my miracles and I would die before anyone took them from me.

However, all parents feel it.  The need to just take a day off...or a week.  Parenting although more rewarding then not is also debilitatingly exhausting.  There are truly no days off...or hours or seconds, because someone needs their butt wiped or has shoveled 4 microcharger cars in their mouth in the split second I went to the restroom after holding it for 22 hours. Yeah...parenting sucks.  There are at least 2 morning a week I just wish for 2 more hours of sleep and each night I just hope that I will sleep 6 consecutive hours.  Sometimes that happens, but more often then not, I wake up to screaming, stinky diapers and hungry 3 yr olds.  Would I trade it? No.  I definitely would prefer this life to any other options, but does it suck...yeah.  

I'm here to tell you, it's okay to love something and someone(s) so much and have it suck a lot at the same time.  It's okay to need a day off.  It's okay to take that day too!  Those days are necessary, to be an even better parent and love those babies even more then before (if that's even possible?!?). So take a day...God knows I need one.

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  1. Take your break! I could really use a vacation myself. Being a Mommy is such a demanding job!


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