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Friday, November 1, 2013

What's Eyan been up to?

I seem to flood Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with photos of Emberlynn.  I hope that is only natural, but honestly I take tons of photos of Eyan!  People are constantly asking me what he is doing and how he is adjusting.  I think school has been great for him and overall he is adjusting to all these new changes very well.  He always has adjusted to change well though.  So here is a photo update of my hysterical, adorable, perfect, smart little guy.

Skating at our rink!  Look at those cute little skates!  We have been going 1x a week for the last 3 weeks and he is getting so good!  He can skate on the carpet all by himself for hours and this week we went out onto the floor and he did pretty good.  I think in a few weeks we will have him rolling around like a pro...just like mommy!
Spending lots of fun time with Caleb...eating, skating, Halloweening, playing R2D2 and laughing for hours

Oh and having our first sleep over at Caleb's.  I may have worried all night and been a bit of a mess, but Aunt Jhantel was awesome and the boys did great!

By far my most favorite thing Eyan is doing lately is singing!  He loves to sing with me in the car to all our favorites.  Roar--Katy Perry & Mirrors--Justin Timberlake are his two favorites, but Red Solo Cup is always a hit as well.  Here he is serenading me!

Eating LOADS of candy!  We had a great time at Bass Pro and apparently they were handing out candy as well...so naturally my little sweet tooth boy was all in

Riding our goose?  This is a normal occurrence.  Someone lost this goose decoy in the middle of a highway and I pulled over and grabbed it...It has been in our yard ever since and Eyan loves the darn thing.  It might be white trash, but who cares.

Cleaning!  This boy loves vacuuming.  No like I seriously cannot get into the closet with the vacuum without him getting very excited about the option of cleaning our floors.  Needless to say my floors have never had so much lovin!
 I just love this boy!