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Monday, November 25, 2013

Wonder Weeks

Alright normally I watch my mouth, normally I type like an adult and normally I've had more sleep and less bullshit.  So today I'm going to write with a little less filter.  

It's 8:30.  I started bedtime over an hour ago after Emberlynn was screaming bloody murder while Jason was watching her and I cleaned up dinner.  Bedtime seemed imminent, as it has these past several evenings.  However, my decent child has turned into a screaming beast.  She has been crying off and on for over an hour as I watch her on the damn video camera.  I just want to put her to bed, drink a beer and watch the Polar Express with my son.  That shit is clearly not happening as the movie is almost over and I am still listening to the shrieking hell that is what is referred to as the "6th Leap."  

What are these "leaps?"  Oh just some more random baby expert advice that from my professional parenting opinion is pretty correct.  It's from the book "Wonder Weeks," which I'm not endorsing or recommending as I have not read it, I only purchased the App and have been living these leaps of hell. 

Take for example the 6th leap:

Fun right?!?  In some sort of sick and demented world maybe.  Literally SPOT.FREAKING.ON.  

Oh and add nursing in and this little beauty is just super.  She now nurses, pulls off, screams, throws herself around and then latches back on...over and over and over and over and over...are you "over" it yet too? 

So with all these stupid hormones regulating this baby crying makes me sad, then aggitated, then makes me question running away forever.  

This child-rearing business is no joke...drink on!