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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013...WHOA that was fast!

Fast seems like an understatement.  This year has literally flown by and it feels like just the other day I was still pregnant and it was February.  How in the heck is it New Years Eve?

My friend Censie over at Building our Story does this awesome year in review post and I LOVE her format, so I am stealing it.  Make sure to pop over and give her some love too!

We were still in the midst of the huge basement overhaul, but were nearing the end.  We started decorating the nursery and I was getting larger by the week (31, 32, 33).  These two gorgeous little sweet "things" finally came home and I got to meet them!  Oh and I also prepared a list of hospital items for Csection mams!

I started get crafty in the nursery! Jason convinced me to upgrade to an even larger momma ride (and I LOVE it!) Eyan created the new game sweeping the nation; gophering.  We made it through weeks 34, 35, 36 & 37 and I confessed my fears.

This was a big month for us!  I completed my final day of work before maternity leave, finished the nursery, and hit weeks 38 & 39Emberlynn Rose made a beautiful entrance into this world (birth story here).  Eyan adjusted well to being a big brother and just stole my heart daily.  Emberlynn turned 2 weeks old and I got to do an amazing review on these sibling shirts that are still my favorite to this day!

I prepped for a return to work for a couple evenings, hit 6 weeks postpartum and was looking and feeling pretty darn good.  I reflected on being a new mommy and these last moments with my babies.  Eyan turned 3!   Emberlynn turned 1 month old, I reflected on breastfeeding her and she experienced 2nd child syndrome for Easter!

We started May off in DISNEYLAND to celebrate Eyan's 3rd birthday and had a great time!  I returned back to work to finish the school year and was sad. Emberlynn turned 2 months old and was still tiny as ever.  I wrote about my opinion on pumping vs nursing and Jason and I took the babies to the local aquarium.  Eyan also started his first swim lessons!

My mom turned 50! I started my summer series (what are you doing today-WRUDT) and posted about the splash park and snuggle time.  I finally did two HUGE Disneyland recaps here and here.  Emberlynn turned 3 months old, and I wrote a silly post on how bows matter! The kids and I spent some time at our local water park and I ranted about exploiting my kids.  I was reminded why I teach and the hubby and I celebrated 12 years of dating and 5 years of marriage!

I wrote some tips on visiting Disneyland with the kids, continued my summer series WRUDT with a mommy & Eyan day, lake time, zoo day with daddy, and a mommy day!  We had a nice 4th of July and Emberlynn hit the 4 month mark!  I told you about my amazing mother-in-law and gave the final decision on more babies?

We pierced the tiny peanuts ears and she turned 5 months! I confessed that I was ready to go back to work.  Jason and I went to Lakeside with our family and missed out on camping but enjoyed some trails on the ATV!  I turned 29, got my butt kicked returning to work and was entirely overwhelmed.  Emberlynn got her first tooth...and then another and I wrote this post about when birth plans go out the window.

We were sleepy over here and our marriage was struggling.  I decided to learn to can and wrote a guest post on the versatility of breastmilk!  Emberlynn turned 6 months, struggled transitioning and started baby food! Eyan discovered his love of water and we had a fantastic Labor Day weekend.

Eyan started preschool!  We continued to struggle with sleep and tried CIO. We took Eyan to a Day Out with Thomas and had a much needed family getaway. Lynnie turned 7 months and I finally shared her newborn, 3 month and 6 month photos!  Halloween was busy with a visit to the pumpkin patch, cuteness all over the place, adorable costumes, Boo at the Zoo and of course pumpkin carving.

An update on Eyan was long overdue.  I also recapped Halloween day!  My adopted Grandfather passed away and Lynnie turned 8 months old!  I finally started decorating and organizing the basement only 11 months later.  I struggled with parenting and decided at one point that sometimes it just sucks.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with the family and had a wonderful time!

I pushed through the final weeks of school after a very long, trying semester. The tiniest peanut turned 9 months and still hasn't grown much.  I started drinking...wine (no judgement ;).  I reflected on how our holiday traditions have changed and witnessed the true meaning of Christmas.  I also just about lost my mind over this break because well, I just need a day

WOW!  No joke, that was therapeutic.  It was nice to go through all my old posts and realize how truly blessed we were this year.  2013 you were a good year, now I pray for another one!

Happy New Year from my family to yours!


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  1. 2013 was a year full of NEWS! Great post! :O)


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