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Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 laughs 12/7/13

I am sucking at this lately.  Mostly because I am so darn exhausted that I barely remember to well...do anything correctly.  So...let's just jump right in with what stands out that is kind of sort of funny...or odd.

1. A girl in my class saw the percentage (%) sign on an assignment and then proceeded to ask "how am I supposed to know what circle dash circle means?"  We all laughed...she figured out her mistake quickly!

2.  Eyan is bossy...like REALLY bossy.  I don't know if this is funny, infuriating or just him being three.  He tells me things like "I'm the boss...I don't have to listen to you...I'm putting myself in time out."  Gah child!

3.  Emberlynn will not crawl...like just refuses to even try.  She does what we call the watermelon crawl, where she puts her face to the ground and her butt in the air and pushes herself along.  She can get where she needs to go, but don't be surprised if my child has rug burns on her face.

4. Nursing her is a chore...mainly because she has figured out how to crawl on me.  Here's a photo montage of that (I kept the camera in the same position...this was taken in less then a minute):

5. "Mommy turn the song up". Oh God it's Wrecking Ball...


  1. If it makes you feel any better about Wrecking Ball, my 4-year-old fell in love with Nikki Minaj's Pound the Alarm over a year ago when it came out. She still refers to it as "her song" when it comes on the radio...

    I've never heard of the "watermelon crawl" you've described. Our eldest commando crawled - but I know a number of kids do that. Hopefully yours sorts it out soon, with minimal rug burn :(

  2. I hope baby starts crawling soon, I can imagine how that feels when she is doing that on you! I love the last one, there are a few songs my kids love.....so annoying!

  3. Zane always says the same- I am putting myself in time out. Sure, go ahead boy and go sit for awhile-LOL! Look at her all over you! I so miss those days!!!! It gets easier and less tiring with two-promise!


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