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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

9 Months!

I swear that your second kids year flies by even faster then the first!  I seriously cannot believe I will be planning a 1st birthday party in 3 months!!!

-No official weight or height but our home scale says 14lbs and she is easily 26 inches long.  Her clothing is 3-6 months and her diapers are still size 1's.  I tried 2's but they were far too large and even crisscrossing the Velcro they were still too big.  Maybe next month.
-We are not officially crawling but give it a couple days as the "watermelon crawl" is evolving rapidly and she is getting up on all fours moving a knee!!!
-Keeping her focus is nearly impossible.  She is busy and ready to be into EVERYTHING!  I am already ready for the "Mom, Emberlynn won't get out of my toys...room...way...etc." from Eyan.
-The girl throws down food like no baby I've ever witnessed.  If we allowed she would eat 5-7 jars of baby food a day, nurse 12 times and snack all day.  However, typically it's 3 jars a day, snacks all day and probably 25-30oz of milk a day.  I have no clue where it goes on her, but dear Lord she is in love with food.
-She loves taking a bath with her brother.  She splashes him and laughs and plays and protests when I take her out. 
-The dogs are going to be in trouble because she wants to follow them, taste them and chew on them.  Poor puppies.
-She is bossy.  She wants to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it.  If she wants to be held ALL day, then by George you WILL hold her or deal with her screaming, thrashing wrath.  This little personality trait is kinda killing Jen and I.
-She is still not sleeping through the night, but up until 3 nights ago, that probably was because I would get up to nurse her.  3 nights ago (and 2 glasses of wine) I could not get out of bed...she fussed about 3 minutes and was back out.  Same story the past few nights, so let's hope she just stops the middle of the night wake up.

Oh wanna glimpse into the amount of focus she holds...here are the bloopers from her 9 month photos.