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Sunday, December 29, 2013

I just need a day!

One damn day to be myself.  No kids screaming, arguing with me, not listening,  no chores, no need to take care of anything or anyone but me.  I think all moms need these days.  We do for everyone else constantly with no real time to relax.  

I'm kinda at my mommy breaking point.  When Eyan was about 7 months old, I went with a bunch of awesome ladies and some of my family to roller derby champs an enjoyed a wonderful 3 day weekend away from my boy (although I was strapped to a pump for a ton of the time). It was perfect timing and so needed.  It also made Jason step up to be more present in Eyans life and helped him to appreciate all that I do that much more.

So here we are, 3 years later, a new little diva princess who refuses to be put down and needs me incessantly and I just need another break.  I literally have not had a full day (5 hours is a full day to me) to be me since August and I'm losing my dang mind.  However, this week I had planned to go to the chiropractor, get a massage and hang out with a nice book and glass of wine while my mom babysat.  Then life happened and well there isn't enough stored milk, or time and I just have too much to fit into tho busy final week of vacation...so no break for me.

But I did take the diva and tried to enjoy a nice time at the nail salon.

She tolerated it for about 30 minutes...the final 20 were rough for all involved.  Ehhh. I tried, at least my toes are pretty.

Tell me moms, how do you take time for yourself, cause I'm finding it nearly impossible.



  1. It sure is nice when us moms can get some time to focus on just us. We do need it! I enjoyed your post, and I do agree-I often find myself wanting, and needing just a little time to myself. We have an almost 3 year old, and I can remember back when I was nursing her, oh boy..I remember the routine, and at the time I got very little me time. Now during her nap; I'll read a book, maybe soak my feet, or even just catch up on a show. :)


    1. I am hoping me time comes soon! Thanks for the follow! I followed back :)

  2. Finding the time to take for yourself is so hard, especially when you are nursing! The time will come soon, I mean she can't be attached to you FOREVER, right?

    1. Oh I hope not! Who knows with this little diva though :)


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