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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The final push

Only 2 more weeks and really if we want to be more specific, I actually only have 1 more week to plan and then finals week!

I cannot tell you how ready I am for this semester to be over.  This has by far been one of the busiest, most frustrating, difficult yet rewarding teaching years I have EVER had.  I can definitively say that I took on far to much and this drowning feeling is just not one I ever want to feel again. 

My classroom management is lack luster, my time management sucks (because you know I have to pump and meet with students and pee and eat and grade and plan and make copies and wander the halls making sure students are where they are supposed to be), and my attitude is crappy.  I love my job, I really really do, but I am having a hard time keeping myself engaged.

I flipped my classroom.  This means that instead of my students having lectures in class, they watch videos on the information and take notes from that, then, they bring that to class and we do tons of activities and labs.  I am not entirely sure that I am buying into this whole teaching strategy.  I think it can be great, I think for teachers that manage and teach well through reading and writing lessons this is fantastic.  I just am not that teacher.  I teach through story.  I can pretty much relate every scientific process to some hilarious story or mnemonic device that the kids always remember.  Through the flipped classroom, it is difficult for me to tell these stories and create those memories and ideas in their heads.   I am frustrated!

I have not made the decision to flip or not to flip next semester.  I am leaning towards flip because I really want to give it one full school year.  However, with AP to plan as well as this flip and my other class, I just do not know how realistic this is.  I am thankful everyday for my partner teacher in this.  She has truly been a Godsend and has been busting ass to create lessons that are meaningful, engaging and elaborate. 

Send good vibes people, I have exactly 6 full days and 3 half days of classes left!