We Got the FUNK: January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I read tons of blogs about mommies and parenting and life.  I just love reading them, I wish I had more time to comment and twitter party and instagram with these ladies because they are a fantastic support group.  However, one thing I have noticed is that almost ALL of them have had their babies naturally.  For me that was initially my plan.  When I went into have Eyan I was prepared and tried valiantly to have that natural (medicated) birth.  However, with the chaos and eclampsia that wasn't happening and reflecting back, I should have never actually tried because it about killed both Eyan and I.

I kinda got the option of a possible VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), until they perinatologist got ahold of my records from Eyan and then said no.  I never even considered VBAC after Eyan.  I know what labor feels like (especially when epidurals fail and you can feel EVERYTHING), I almost had a vaginal delivery and believe me recovering from an episiotomy and all that trauma sucked worse than the c-section.  In addition I just want to remember this delivery, I want to hear that first cry, remember seeing my baby, nurse in recovery and have my family and everyone a lot more comfortable and less scared than the last time.  Eyan's delivery was traumatic for everyone.  I almost died, our baby was not breathing right and was in the NICU and it was scary.  Why on Earth would I want to put myself and my family through that possible scenario again.  For me in addition to it not being an option from my docs it was not an option I was EVER considering.

So here I sit 5 weeks and 3 days from my scheduled c-section.  The first go around I was not prepared for this.  I had no idea what I needed to bring to the hospital, what recovery was going to be like or how to handle a newborn with a large abdominal incision.  So I made a list for all those c-section mama's of things that I don't want to forget to bring or do:
  1. Dark comfy clothes that are NOT binding anywhere near my incision.
  2. Tall gigantic panties (granny they may be)
  3. Shower flip flops (I slipped in the shower after surgery with Eyan...flip flops helped after this)
  4. Rubbing alcohol to help remove the iodine and sticky crap from the bandage.
  5. Lotion that is unscented to help with the itchiness of the incision.
  6. Nursing tanks and shirts that are easy to change out of.
  7. Non-slip socks that are not bulky or ugly
  8. Toiletries
  9. Those "Wisp" disposable toothbrushes (who knows when you will be able to get out of bed to brush your teeth!)
  10. Nursing pillow/cover
  11. Stuff for baby that is easy to change and doesn't take a lot of effort from me
  12. Some type of alarm to remind me to take my pain meds...forgetting was a dumb dumb decision. 
  13. Making sure to use the buttons on the bed to sit me up
  14. Taking baby for walks in the little bed thing to help the healing process
  15. SNACKS!  In the middle of the night I was starving!
I will add to this list as I remember more, but maybe this list will be helpful for the other mama's who are c-section people.

Happy Thursday

Monday, January 28, 2013

33 Weeks!

  • This downhill slide is the slowest slide ever.  While driving into work this morning I was really sad to realize that this was ONLY MONDAY!  I still have a lot of work to do, but overall, I'm just ready for maternity leave, I am ready for time with my kids.  KIDS!  Two of them, what an amazing blessing, and I am so excited for this new challenge.
  • I have desperately tried not to be the complaining pregnant lady.  *Tried* but I am sure I am failing.  I forgot how uncomfortable these last few months are.  I definitely wouldn't trade this crappy feeling for anything, but still I hate even complaining in the least.
  • I cannot believe I am just under 6 weeks from extraction day and I have relatively no swelling, I am still wearing my wedding ring and my weight gain is only 16lbs!  I am really hoping to not pass the 20lb mark, but if I do, oh well, the ice cream and constant candy was worth every pound.
  • My clean eating for 2012 went out the window about the 3rd week in December and I have consumed more crappy fast food then I care to even acknowledge.  You better believe that I will be readjusting back to my clean eating habits as soon as baby girl gets here and I can fully utilize my "free" time to prep these amazing dinners (yeah right).  Why not now you ask?  Oh well because I am so freaking exhausted and cannot make a darn decision, that by the time I get home from work and picking up Eyan its already close to 5 and the HANGRY pregnant lady makes her appearance and it's either feed me now or die.  So most of the time everyone agrees against death and chooses the feed the fat lady option...which has typically consisted of crappy fast food, however Jason and I do try to go to actual restaurants where Eyan can make a huge 2 year old scene and cry because they do not have pancakes.  Did I mention how excited I am to add another little one to this brood :) 
  • Emberlynn's nursery is still unfinished.  I still have not purchased her mattress, My mom is still crafting the most beautiful nursery linens and I have a couple little projects that need to get completed (bow holder, mobile, baskets, pictures, lamp).  However, I did get her name done and my mom has the majority of the quilt done!
So beautiful, just needs to have the batting and backing done!

Her beautiful name...goodwill frames upcycled with some fancy scrapbooking paper from Michael's and my Cricut
  • My amazing work friends are throwing me a little shower this Wednesday.  I requested no gifts, although I am sure people are still going to purchase something.  I hope its books for her library because honestly Eyan is not about to give one single book up!  I'm excited just to eat cake and hang out outside of work time! 
  • I for the life of me have no clue when the next baby appt is.  I should know this stuff, but I figure they will call and remind me or send me a little paper so all is fine.
  • I scheduled our hospital tour and pre-registration stuff for Feb 20th since we are delivering at a different hospital that we did with Eyan.
  • I have ALMOST all my sub plans written and organized for the long-term sub.  I just have a few lessons to modify and then I am ready for maternity leave as far as work is concerned.
  • We got our confirmation for Disneyland on Saturday!  We leave in exactly 3 months and Eyan could not be more excited, I have already started purchasing the kids vacation clothes and as soon as baby girl is about 2 weeks old I am going shopping myself for some vacation clothes.  All that is left there is to get our plane tickets and rental car and we are ready!
  • 5 weeks 6 days until date of extraction!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Top 5 laughs!

I have been slacking! These weekends are so darn busy. But today I'm lounging on the couch with my sweet little boy while the hubby is hunting. So here goes!

1. Eyan's new thing is to ask us to turn up the radio loudly while he sings! Lately his favorite is "Call Me Maybe!" So darn cute

2. We've had some potty regression this past week, so now when I ask Eyan if he needs to potty he in return asks me if I need to potty. Guess its relevant but it makes me giggle.

3. This morning I suggested we make a calendar to countdown until our trip to Disney. Eyan so sweetly said we can put it in baby sisters room. Melt my heart.

4. Oh my students. I was talking about photosynthesis this week and asked the following question, "what do plants eat?" A good 95% of my students replied "the sun!" Which is WAY wrong (they "eat" sugar which they make from the sun). One kid responds, so are all teachers liars then? I laughed! He just sat there puzzling probably trying to decide if I was lying too!

5. In the last week Eyan has gotten a new trinkets toy everyday I swear! Yesterday when we got home he tells Jason and I that he is ready for his new toys. I think it's time to slow down on those toy purchases or I'm going to have an even bigger monster on my hands!

6. Bonus: we can now ask Eyan what his name is and he gives us his full name (middle name too) then says "and you're mama Funk and daddy Funk!" So darn cute!

Happy Saturday

Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Dump: Christmas...Wait...what

Um yeah I thought I would celebrate our 1 month Christmas Sobriety with a photo dump since I totally misplaced our camera after the big basement move and JUST found it.  So without further adieux...

Christmas with my parents:
We usually get together on Christmas eve and eat and open gifts with my parents and my sister and her family.  It is wonderful and we had a great time!

Eyan is impatiently waiting for more presents
Opening something. 

Snuggling with his cousin!
Christmas at our house!  Santa CAME!
Jason had to work on Christmas so we had to wait until around 3:00 to do Christmas, but it was worth the wait and worked out perfect.  Eyan took a nap and when he woke up Santa had came, his daddy was home and his Ammi & Papa even showed up to watch him!  What a great day!
Christmas Eve annual PJ in front of tree photo...cheesy smile
Waking up to a WHITE CHRISTMAS!
The pups enjoying the snow and some random fluffy toy they managed to destroy in 3 seconds
Eyan coming downstairs seeing ALL The presents for the first time!
Opening his "mini santa gift"
Gotta make sure its the right one!
I promise he wasn't crying...he was actually really happy
Santa brought a BIGGER present!
Its the RC CAR!
Must. Drive. RC. NOW!
Zoo Lights!
This annual tradition was almost lost with my sister, dad and hubby all working insane holiday hours.  I had 2 free tickets to the zoo lights and since Eyan is 2 he is free anyway!  So my mom and I decided to just pack us up and head to the zoo lights.  I tried to take better pictures of all the lights, but my camera was having serious issues in the cold and so the best I got are below.
Grandma & Eyan on the Zoo Train
Waiting for the train
My camera sucks at taking light photos
So excited to see...something!

Giraffe!  I love them and we even got to watch this guy lay down which was amazing!
Ice Sculptures!
Until Next...errr I mean This year!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eyan's Best Weekend!

Ok probably not the best weekend, but a darn good one.  As I hinted the other day, my kiddo really had a good weekend hanging with friends and family and really getting some major focus placed on him.  So here is a little tiny picture recap of our weekend.

Friday Night: Eyan and Wyatt got to make their own pizzas and watch Cars!  They had a blast and both boys were sad and tired when it was time to call it a night...at 10:30pm!

Saturday Night:  Well Saturday Jason's aunt and grandparents came over which was wonderful.  Eyan showed off the entire time!  Of course I forgot pictures, but that evening my mom came over to hang out with Eyan and I.  We watched Toy Story 3 and Eyan got to pick out his very own ice cream concoction from Cold Stone...Pistachio ice cream with gummy bears...and he ate the heck out of it!

Sunday: We had a wonderful day with our friends at the Denver Stock Show.  Eyan rode the mini train as well as the ponies and enjoyed looking at all the farm animals.

Monday:  Eyan spent the day with Daddy as I got to go snuggle those adorable baby cousins of mine.  The boys ran some errands and hung out all day.  That evening we went to dinner with some dear friends and had a great time.  I totally forgot to take pictures, but imagine the best daddy day ever and there is your picture :p

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WW: The sweetest "THINGS!"

My little cousins were finally released from the NICU after a little more than a month in.  They are perfect, identical as all get out and just precious.  I am so in love!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

32 Weeks!

  • Ok at this point staying in my PJ's would be more comfortable and probably less hideous looking.  I am so over clothes and shoes and well everything.  I barely have energy to take a quality shower...you know one where you actually shave or rinse the conditioner out.  Yeah, that pregnancy brain sure sucks when you forget to rinse out the conditioner.
  • Although I have somehow been productive at work (probably more nesting instinct), I am ready to just be done.  March 8th seems so far off and that is even with pretty much every other weekend being a 3 day weekend due to some holiday or teacher work day or some other wonderful day off reason.
  • Just when I think that sleep might be getting easier, like I do not have to get up about 10 trillion times a night to pee or get a drink of water, or roll over or shush my hubby because he is snoring or you know put my kid back to sleep because he decided at 1:30 in the morning that he needed to scream "MOMMY I AM UP, COME GET ME!"  I was totally wrong.  Screw sleep, I apparently do not need you and if this is any inclination as to what type of newborn I am about to have, well bring it!
  • Holy laundry and baby crap.  Before the basement was done, it was just a large concrete space with piles of stuff.  I had Jason's hunting pile, baby crap pile, toy pile, boxes of yard sale pile, etc.  Well when you are able to store things so nicely in that area without having to look at it you totally do not realize how much crap you have accumulated.  Oh and since I am hoarding all my baby crap until I can fully be sure that they really did see a vagina all while collecting more girly stuff, it is just getting intense.  Over my winter break I was able to go through ALL Eyan's clothes and pull the gender neutral stuff out as well as other baby junk.  My mom has had what I thought was a box of baby clothes she got at a garage sale that was all girl stuff that I also needed to go through.  Well that box turned into 3 LARGE boxes of super NICE baby stuff and excessive laundry.  I seriously did so much laundry yesterday and that was only newborn to 3 months.  It was pretty much blankets, sleepers, socks and onesies.  I did realize what I need are little pants or whatever you put with onesies and some cutesy little flower headband things and probably real outfits, but I think I am kinda set for the first 0-3 months.
  • I had the most wonderful work-free basement weekend.  I spent time with my friends and family and Eyan was just delighted with all the awesome stuff we did.  He had a boys night with his best buddy, we went to the stock show, he had a grandma and mommy night and him and his daddy had a nice day as well.  It was blissful, probably the last little bliss we will have before chaos again consumes us. 
  • Let's be real 6 weeks 5 days until extraction.  Stay put until then little missy!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Like Daddy

You know those moments as a parent, where you question, "Where they heck they got that...saying, look, attitude, etc. from?"  With Eyan the answer is almost always DADDY!  He may be a mama's boy, but he is just like his daddy in so many ways.  He loves to rough house, he loves to try and make me smile, he is a snuggler, when he doesn't want to do something he wont!  These are all Jason's traits. Oh and one other thing:

Gotta dress like daddy too!  He loves to wear Jason's work boots and walk around in them!  He is pretty good too!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

I swear my mind is swirling yet empty all at once.  Do you ever have those moments?  I sat down to write this and literally NOTHING came out, yet I could seriously not stop thinking.  What in the heck!

I couldn't decide what to ramble about.  I could talk about my appointment on Tuesday and how that went.  I could talk about this list of baby stuff I actually have to get done.  I could talk about work.  I could talk about the change in friendships as my family expands.  I could talk about blogging goals over the next year, or my plans for graduate school.  I could just talk about none of that because is any of it really that interesting?

Right now I am sitting in my 1st hour biology class, watching my students build DNA molecules.  They are so self-directed today which is nice because the last week and a 1/2 I have been teaching teaching teaching and I think they are all tired of me talking.  I cannot believe that in less than 8 weeks I will be handing my classroom over to my awesome long-term substitute.  I am actually nervous about this.  With Eyan I could not wait to get out of the classroom and away from the HELL that was my previous building, but here, I feel at home.  I feel like I am actually making a huge difference and turning my control over to another person just seems a bit scary.  Add to that the fact that I still have my AP curriculum to organize before mid-February, all my sub plans to get ready, and prepare my kids for the transition in cooperation with my long-term sub and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Lately I have been struggling with relationships in my life.  Maybe it's just that we (Jason and I) have just not had much time to nurture the relationships we have or maybe it's because we are in a different place in our lives then anyone else.  Whatever the reason, it has felt fairly lonely.  I really try hard to call and talk to my friends but they are all busy.  Getting together with family has been near impossible because well between the basement chaos and us just trying to keep up with day to day stuff there is not much time.  What is driving me even more insane is that I feel like as my family is growing my very best friends and I are drifting apart through NO FAULT of anyone...just life.  We are just in different points in our lives and I feel pretty alone in what have now become my main focus and priorities.  It's obviously to be expected, but it sucks.   I created a FB group for other moms so we can have playdates like once a month.  I need to schedule these out ASAP so we can all actually get together and have a good time and maybe I can add to my close friends that have the same priorities.  Don't get me wrong my best friends are still there for me, we still talk, but my chats consist of Eyan and pregnancy and I am sure they are bored.  I even find that Jason and I are bickering more because even our relationship hasn't truly been nurtured.  We do have plans to add our date nights back in and are looking at different options for a 5-year wedding anniversary trip this summer, so I know that will help.  Hopefully the next couple weeks will slow down and we will have a month where we can just build relationships and see family and friends.  Believe me we are ready for it!

I am just about ready to sit down and make a ridiculously long list of crap I still need to get accomplished for Emberlynn's arrival.  I know the nursery needs to get rearranged and the bedding/linens will add a lot.  I know that I have to get her name finished and the room decorated.  I know I want to actually get some pages of her scrapbook completed and that we have to purchase a mattress for her.  I need to wash clothes and organize drawers and buy diapers and wipes and probably more clothes.  We have got A LOT done.  We have purchased a double sit and stand stroller and a baby monitor (we still use Eyan's for the light feature), we have the furniture set up and the room painted.  I have purchased all the fabric for her room, we have a car seat and diaper bag.  If she showed up today (which she better not) we would be fine.  It's not like I have not been through this whole baby business before, so maybe that is why I almost feel like there is no hurry.  On a great note, the perinatologist (high risk doc) said that Tuesday was my last appointment with him and that baby and I look FANTASTIC!  He is very proud of my weight gain, the baby looks phenomenal and my BP is great.  She is measuring perfect and weighing in at around 3.12lbs and is in the 49th percentile.  The doc made me laugh because apparently her heart is so beautiful and he was just getting great pictures of that which made him pretty excited.  He also said that her brain already has numerous folds in it which is not typical of babies at 31 weeks gestation and makes me feel like she is already a genius :)!

I think that is enough of a brain dump.  What are your thoughts this Thursday?

PS:  Hop over to Building Our Story today and wish Censie a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WW: Put some clothes on its -3 degrees out!

Ehh whatever, you're cute, we will stay inside ;)