We Got the FUNK: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...Geeze

I go off regular posting for a few days and I lose 3 followers!

Ehh...let's get down to some thoughts.

1. My husband was MOODY all last week until I decided to lay the smack down (aka almost cry) because I just could not handle his grumpy attitude.  Why was the hubby moody?  Well he went back to his normal graveyard shift and adjusting his sleeping patterns is always tough.  I feel terrible, but I love his job and the stability it is providing.  We truly are finally blessed as it has been a LONG 12 years to find this stability.  I continue to pray every day that this blessing stays and that Jason continues to enjoy his new career.

2.  Eyan says his baby sisters name!  OMG!  It is so darn cute.  Up until yesterday we had just been calling her baby sister but Jen worked with him yesterday and he is now calling her by name and it is just about the most adorable thing.  He pronounces words very well typically so it sounds very good but just hearing it come from his tiny voice melts my heart!

3. I am just about a worthless as far as teaching goes.  Yeah I thought this would be easier then it is to teach all the way to the end.  With Eyan I was done at 37 weeks teaching but on bedrest for the last 3.  At 37.5 weeks today I am absolutely a mess of brain, exhausting, and annoyance.  My brain stops remembering words that are sort of essential (like mitosis and meiosis) to my career.  I think I probably look pretty crappy.  Case in point my lips are swelling (probably so is my face) and I put on chapstick last night before bed and Jason asked why I put lipstick on...yeah I didn't, I am just starting to look miserable, exhausted and crappy.  Oh and my normally pretty calm patient self is so annoyed with everything.  I cannot even control my annoyance snaps at kids when they do things...like miss the trash can when throwing away paper and they are 3 inches away!  UGH!!!  I still have 1 more week and its state testing so I really need to pull it together.

4. My mom offered to take Eyan this weekend so I can cross about 17 things off our to do list before baby girl gets here!  Although I am relieved to be able to get some more stuff done, I am SO sad that one of our last weekends as a family of 3 he will not be with me.  Don't be surprised if I jump in my sweet truck and go snuggle him in the middle of the day...or night.  I just don't want to miss a moment with him!

Those are my thoughts!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

37 Weeks!

-I feel crappy and although I wish I could blame this one on the pregnancy, the contributor of the sickness is my wonderful husband and possibly my mother. Both of whom are not big on going to the doctor when they are sick. So here I sit, stuffy head cold, body aches, an on and off fever and now some sweet nausea! Yay me!

-In two weeks we will officially meet the little girl who has made her home in my uterus. Sweet visual right! It is so close yet so far away. Part of me is just done being pregnant and ready for her, the other part of me is not even close to being ready.

- I am starting to freak out that something bad is going to happen. A few of the pregnancy support groups I am on have had some recent loses and stillbirths. I have had to step away from these as I am starting to worry. It's always a possibility, but I just pray that we do not have to go through yet another lose. This all goes with my previous post about being scared.

- I'm probably going to take a small maternity leave from my blog after Emberlynn gets here. I cannot even imagine how overwhelmed I will be and putting more pressure on me to post to my blog so frequently is just going to make me even more crazy!

- I'm going to take a nap so hopefully I can work tomorrow. Enough of this darn cold.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Literally last night I started to have a panic attack after Jason left for work.  Not because my husband was working the graveyard shift but because in 2 weeks and 2 days our lives as we know it will completely be flipped.  I started to panic not because I am scared of a baby, but because I am scared of all the adjustments.  You see I am a very very schedule oriented person.  I have a bit of OCD and the fact that I will be revamping that entire schedule and having to lose a bit of control started to freak me out.

I realized I only have a few weeks left of sleep and that staying up till 10 and waking at 5 is just not enough sleep for this baby machine, so I must sleep more.  Which throws off my cleaning schedule, which panics me more.  Seriously, I think I am going crazy.

I have three weekends left with Eyan and Jason and we have so much family stuff we can and need to do, which also throws off my schedule and plans as well...which then freaks me out.

I need to shut off this brain.  I need to relax...HELP mama's give me some ideas on how to release the OCD and just let life happen.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh Suck It

Today we are having a small snow storm.  The schools in the district I live in are all closed because the roads are awful.  However, the school I teach at in a different district is still having school...the roads are still awful!  So my dreams of a snow day have been stifled and I am now grumpy and nauseous and annoyed.

Snow you can suck it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

36.2 weeks

Let's do a question session ;)
  • How are you feeling?  This used to be the question I got on a regular basis.  My typical and honest answer was, "much better then I did with Eyan."  I must be looking exceptionally crappy as the current statement directed towards me is "You look ready!"  It must be the craptacular sleeping and swollen face and waddle but I guess I look ready.  I was feeling pretty darn good until about mid-week last week and then I started to feel a bit panicky, tired, grumpy and uncomfortable.  Add that to the tendonitis, terrible hip pain and contractions and I am a regular pissy pregnant lady as of late.  So apologies now to anyone who I may offend in the next 2.6 weeks, let's just call it hormones. 
  • Am I ready?  Well heck, no one is ready for a baby, you can have the nursery perfect, all the bottles washed, take naps daily to prepare for the baby, have all the cash in the world and still you will not be ready for the craziness of a new baby.  Logistically I can do this.  She has clothes, diapers, blankets, a place to sleep, love, I have all my nursing stuff ready to go, the nursery is mostly done and after tomorrow we will be registered to deliver this little girl.  So I am ready, I guess.
  • Am I excited?  Well duh!  I have been chasing baby fever around for almost 2 years, I am ready to hold her and kiss her and grow my heart another size for her.  I am ready to see her little personality.  I am excited to see Eyan be a big brother; he has taken to using the practice baby doll and make sure she is buckled into the carseat just right!  I am ready to see my husband interact with a little girl because I am sure that he is going to be even more protective of her as he is of Eyan and I.  I am ready to be comfortable again without an elbow jamming into my cervix or a little foot stuck under a rib, the indigestion to stop you know have my body back...hahahaha!
  • When are you done with work?  Well my current plan is to go up until March 8th which is 38 weeks and 5 days, with Emberlynn's date of extraction (csection) scheduled for March 11th!  Our state testing is March 5-8 and I really do not want to miss that, plus its a bit of extra work time and I truly can proctor tests for 1/2 a day and watch our genetic engineering video the other 1/2.  I only see my students 2x that week and they are fairly "easy" days, so why miss work?  However, I am open to possibly missing that week.  It would be an easy week for my sub to jump in on and give me a week to finish whatever I need to finish.  I think I am just going to wait and see how everything goes. 
  • Is Eyan excited to be a big brother?  Well at this point I thought he might be, but I digress to bullet point 2...NO ONE is ready for a new baby.  He is not ready, and according to my aunt, it will take 6 weeks and then he will not want the baby to go away.  So I have hope.  I cannot imagine how hard it is for him to understand something like pregnancy and babies at a young age.  So we are just going to play it by ear and see how he does.  I have some special things planned for him and my mom and dad are planning on stepping in as well to give him extra time. I think Disneyland will be a phenomenal Big Brother moment for him where the focus will be all on him and his birthday as well so hopefully this goes well.  
  • Alright enough with the questions.  I had my 35/36 week check up last week all is well, baby girl looks good and is estimated to be about the same size as Eyan (7ish lbs).  I am up 20lbs (I am only considering 19 of those!).  I go back next Tuesday then one more appt after that and she is here!  My blood pressure is awesome this time around too which is SUCH a huge relief.   Emberlynn is out of room (although I was much larger with Eyan, so I know she can make room if she wants too).  She is squirmy and likes to sit on a particular nerve right by my belly button and I feel like I have a consistent bruise that someone keeps pushing on.  The indigestion is getting annoying, burping up water is not fun.  Sleep is slowly going out the window and I feel like I am being torn in half at the hips. We have 2 weeks and 6 weeks before she is here!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 15, 2013


It's the new crazy sweeping the nation!  Or just my kiddo being silly.  He kept thinking it was super funny to hide between my legs and then pop through.  I thought the view from me was hysterical. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Darn the grading

So this week is the end of a unit in my classes, I am cramming for time to get all grades in, kids up to date and prepared for a HUGE exam.  My lack of blogging might become evident :)

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Monday, February 11, 2013

35 Weeks!

  • Oh you can't say this isn't sexy...well actually yes you could!  This week is winter spirit week and today is "dress like a kid day." I went with an obviously too small Tinkerbell t-shirt and a flower.  Clearly this outfit is not working for me :)
  • I think I have an answer to this wrist pain!  I thought maybe pregnancy carpel tunnel, however, the doctor at Kaiser who barely looked at my wrist said it was either a stress fracture or tendinitis.      Then she told me there was basically nothing they could do for me except splint it...then she put this ridiculously huge and ugly splint on:

  • Yeah it helped, my wrist didn't feel like it was being torn apart from the inside slowly, but it was annoying.  Fast forward to last night and my cousins birthday party.  One of my awesome derby gals and her doctor hubby were there and he checked out my wrist and is pretty sure its tendinitis!  Told me to get this small, much more comfortable and less obvious and ridiculous looking thumb splint thing.  It worked immediately and already I feel better!  YAY!
  • So last night in my beautiful new truck I got pulled over for the first time in 5 years!  I was apparently doing 56 in a 45, but I had my cruise control set, so I don't think that was right but hey, I got clocked and there was only my car on the road!  I fully expected that I was getting a ticket and proceeded to inform Eyan that mommy was getting a ticket!  The cop came over and asked for my license, insurance and registration.  I handed over my license, told him that I could not reach my insurance because I am 9 months pregnant but it was in my glovebox and he was more than welcome to grab it and that I do not have registration on this because I just bought the car.  I think the man took pity on my pregnant stupid arse and he wrote me a warning!  THANK YOU JESUS!  Eyan however told daddy that "mommy got a ticket from the man!"  Winning. 
  • Any given day I either do not mind being pregnant or I am totally over it.  I think it fully depends on what I am wearing.  Some of these clothes are getting a bit snug, so when I am shoved into clothes I think I am just over it, but when I am comfy I could do this baby growing business another 9 months. 
  • I have my 36 week appt this Wednesday and am not really looking forward to it.  I have no clue when I start the every week appointments or if Kaiser does these.  I also am not eager to be bugged about the DTAP vaccine.  I initially was going to get it while pregnant but after some consideration I am going to wait until after delivery.  So now after avoiding this for the last couple months I am going to break the news to my doctor.  I'm sure she will just give me the look of disappointment and that is all, but I still hate this!
  • My belly button is officially flat...not out, just flat, it might just pop out this time.  How weird is that going to be!
  • I have my family baby shower this Sunday!  My first shower was so so so large and I felt terrible for the 100+ people that came.  When my mom and sister suggested a shower for this little girl I kept saying lets keep it small.  So family it is and I am really excited to see everyone!
  • Today is February 11th!  In 4 weeks exactly on March 11th Miss Emberlynn makes her arrival, stay put until then baby girl!  Mama has work to do for my little high school minions and precious time to spend with big brother!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

So I've been trying to cut down on my technology uses around Eyan.  I have definitely been much better about it in the last week then I was even a week ago.  I still have more work to do here, but honestly I am really proud of my accomplishments!

So why did I decide to step away from the technology?  Well I read this and realized that although I am fairly decent about my technology use around Eyan I could do better.  Now I am not completely cutting it out of our lives.  I still keep my phone close by, but have not been checking all my social networks, email and text messages so frequently.  I have also been more limited on the TV and iPad use for Eyan.  Jason and I have been making a huge effort to spend more time on the floor playing games and toys then using our phones.  We wait until he goes to bed and make sure that when he talks to us, we look at him.

We have also re-instituted dinner at the table.  We did this the majority of last year, but then I got lazy and pregnant and that whole family dinner went right out the window and it turned into "Eyan get your mat lets pick out a movie!"  So for the last 4 nights I have cooked and we have eaten at the table.

I am nervous that when Emberlynn arrives those family dinners will go right out the window and although I have the best of intentions to create freezer meals, I am not sure where I will get the time in the next few weeks.  So my goal is to get 2 weeks of freezer meals ready while I am recovering from surgery and then from there to cook at home 5 days a week.  It's lofty, but I am going to fight like hell to do this for my family.

My amazing colleagues at work threw me a beautiful baby shower and got me some great necessities for Emberlynn!  Some girly blankets (I was planning on just using the blue camo ones from Eyan!) and some cutesy clothes (God knows I need help in the dressing of a girl dept), and of course diapers, wipes and gift cards.  It was a fantastic outpouring of support and love and I felt so amazingly honored that they would do this for me.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mommy's New Ride

My hubby does NOT get attached to cars.  I however feel like I have made a bond with my mode of transportation, so even when things start to fall apart I fight the need to upgrade and just try and deal with it.  My beloved Tahoe was quickly having issues.  She was pristine and beautiful and loaded enough for our family.  She fit perfectly in my garage.  She was the most beautiful chameleon colors and had enough power and was so comfortable.  But her main computer chip was going on, which lead to the speedometer going out, then the oil pressure gauge and finally a small stall.  The dealership can easily fix all this for about 500.00, which is no big deal to them.  I adamantly just kept budgeting to keep the Tahoe and get it fixed while I was on maternity leave, but the hubby convinced me just to go look at vehicles, it might be time to upgrade he tells me. 

Oh Tahoe, I am still sad you are not in my garage!
You are a great vehicle and I hope your new owners love you like we did! 
This is the upgrade we found...or more like stole because it was that great of a deal.  Brighton Ford was fantastic and as far as payments go we are still WELL within budget.  I have always budgeted our cash flow so that if either Jason or I lose our jobs we will still be able to afford ALL our bills on 1 income with minimal use of the darn credit cards.  That way when both of us our working we can put some more cash into our savings, work on big projects and take vacations.

This is also a "She-car," and SHE is well, I almost feel like I should be bumping some serious hip hop because she is SO LOADED.  I seriously have no idea how to even work the heater yet because it is all computerized and Jason literally spent 2 hours yesterday after she got delivered reading the manual figuring out some basics.  It is slightly larger than the Tahoe, 3 years younger and is in pristine condition.  The mileage isn't perfect, but anymore most vehicles are able to go well over 250,000 miles and by that time, I am sure my amazing husband will be anxious for a new vehicle...and apparently I am a fairly easy sell.  So here is my new beauty, complete with a rear-view backup camera, navigation, and heated steering wheel which are all new things that we did not have in the Tahoe.

I cannot wait to figure you out completely, you are just smarter than I!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nursery Update!

I have a vase, lamp, linens, shelf, trash can and the most beautiful decal to add and then we are DONE!  Here is a bit of the progress of Miss Emberlynn's room.
  • The dresser & hutch:
    • I painted the baskets and hot glued the little elephants on to them.  The vase that I got at my amazing work baby shower will go in between these baskets.
    • I framed the 3D ultrasound picture of Emberlynn as well as my amazing MIL who we also have photo of in Eyan's room.  My babies have the best angel watching over them :)
    • I painted the letter E that is going to be a bow holder.  I have no bows (clip kind) to put on there yet, but I will!
    • The lamp will go on the nightstand next to the plush elephant.

  • The "crib wall"
    • I finished painting the mobile wall piece and hung the mobile
    • The letters were a pain to get hung so they would not fall off onto baby, I may have to get some of the 3M wall safe stuff just to make me feel better.
    • All that is left to add here is the purple shelf under the name and POSSIBLY a few little banner things.  

  • The decal:
    • I purchased this and its shipped so hopefully I will have it in the next couple weeks (its coming from India)  
    • I customized it so there are actually 4 elephants (daddy, mommy & eyan & emberlynn!) and the elephants are grey with purple ears!  I cannot wait to get this and figure out exactly where to put this!

I have a feeling my mom will get the linens done in just a couple weeks, the quilt is done, the curtains are almost ready, she has a decorative pillow, the bedskirt and these banners that we may or may not complete.  So she is about 1/2 way done with making the most beautiful nursery linens EVER!

I'll update as more is completed!

Monday, February 4, 2013

34 Weeks!

  • 5 weeks left!  Insane but so exciting.  I am almost all the way "nested" for this little girl.  This weekend I finished the mobile and hung it, put her name on the wall, sorted all the hand me down clothes I have into 3 tubs according to size, organized her room and got all my nursing and bottles ready for her.  Pictures to come on a couple of these!
  • I am a nursing mama!  I am nervous that she will be tougher to nurse then Eyan was, but I am determined, but of course I have bottles so that Eyan and hubby can help with feedings and have that bonding.  And-Plus-Also Kaiser is giving me a FREE medela pump thanks to Obamacare.  Seriously that rocks and now I have 2 that are fantastic!
  • So I either broke my wrist or have carpel tunnel from pregnancy happening.  My right wrist is killing me if I carry anything over the weight of a paper plate, or rotate it or write or well even typing is a pain.  I hope I just strained it or something.  Who knows how the hell that happened, but you know if its a random injury, its going to happen to me. 
  • Things that make me happy with this pregnancy which I hope stay that way:
    • No new stretch marks (I mean seriously I doubt they could get any worse anyway but hey its something)
    • No linea nigra.  That stupid ugly line took forever to go away last time
    • My weight gain!  I am still well within range...which I totally wasn't with Eyan
    • My blood pressure...is amazing
    • I am still wearing my nice wedding ring.  I have 2 one that is for when I am a swollen pregnant lady that is not all blingy and then my actual wedding ring.  It still fits and makes me happy.
  • Things that make me unhappy
    • My consumption of fast food or take out...bad bad bad
    • These darn headaches (which are less painful after a massage and chiropractic adjustment)
    • How low this little girl is riding...my poor bladder 
    • My insane craving for sugar...I seriously make my rounds to every candy drawer, bucket or container in our building sometimes 2x a day. 
    • The bipolar aspect of my exhaustion vs energy.  Its either I am so energized or so dead to the world...no happy mediums for me. 
    • I only have 5 weeks with Eyan as an only child. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Crafty!

I made this last night!

It's the mobile for Emberlynn's room!  No music or sound or spinning but thats what those projection machines are for :)

It took about 3 hours start to finish and I am SO in love with it.  I cannot wait to start the finishing touches and then post the nursery photos (and maybe the basement ones too!)

I used my Cricut machine and cut out the elephants out of cardstock (the same that I used for her name letters) and then strung them with my hubby's fishing line using a needle and thread and some pretty jewels and pearls that I found at Michaels.  I did different patterns and sizes and then organized them on the wreath ring I also purchased at Michaels.  Finally I took some ribbon and cut them all the same lengths and then tied them on the ring to hide the crazy fishing line.  All that I have left is to paint the most beautiful wall mounting piece grey and then hang it in the nursery!

1 project down and about 4 more to go.  I still need to make a lamp, the bow holder, paint a shelf & some baskets & frame a few pictures, then I can be done with projects and her room should be ready!

Yay Friday!