We Got the FUNK: March 2013

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweetpea A La Mode {REVIEW!!!}

OMG! Have you seen these shirts!  I am in love and so HONORED to be able to review these adorable sibling shirts courtesy of Sweetpea a la Mode.  When I first began to look for sibling shirts for Eyan and Emberlynn I knew I wanted something that was creative, vibrant, sturdy and easy to clean as I could easily see my kids wearing these shirts A LOT (and boy have they been wearing these)!  I looked on Etsy for weeks and had a tough time finding any shirts that I really liked and most were for big sister/little sister or big brother/little brother.  None of them felt like they represented our family and our current passions.  I remembered that I had followed Sweetpea a la Mode on Facebook and contacted the owner, Barbie.  Barbie immediately listened to my ideas, was quick to respond and even in the middle of a huge move and adjusting to the addition of a new little one herself, she was very accommodating.  I told her we would be going to Disneyland in April and that I wanted shirts that were versatile and we could wear both in Disney and at the hospital.  The picture above is what she designed and sent me!  I seriously cannot tell you how much I love these shirts.  They were pre-washed (in detergent that smelled delicious BTW), so soft, and the design was fantastic!  The kids have worn these shirts 3 times in the past 3 weeks and they wash so well, are still very bright and vibrant and the applique design still looks brand new.

Eyan rocking his Sweetpea "Big Brother" shirt! 
My love's showing off these adorable shirts.  How cute!
Barbie with Sweetpea a la Mode was a pleasure to work with and has generously offered ALL my readers a fantastic coupon code good for 15% off anything in her ETSY shop.  From now until the end of April if you enter the code FUNKY15 at checkout you will receive 15% off your order!

Make sure to check Barbie and Sweetpea a la Mode out on Facebook and ETSY!  She has some innovative and adorable designs along with amazing customer service.  Thank you Barbie for dressing my kids in something that truly represents my kids and our style!

Disclaimer:  Sweetpea a la mode provided me with the shirts for free for review.  All thoughts, opinions, and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by any outside source.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Laughs 3/30/13

Two weeks in a row...say what???

1. Emberlynn has kinda started cooing. When I say kinda, I mean she does it after she sneezes 6x in a row or spits up an obscene amount...so maybe it's more of a relief sound, but I'll take it!

2. Eyan had been waking up at odd times during the night and playing. I would go in there and tell him the sun is still sleeping so he needs to sleep to. Last night as the sun was going down Eyan says "is the sun tired cause I'm not tired!!!" Made me giggle a bit.

3. Eyan might be spending a bit too much time in front of the TV which I attribute to the fact that I couldn't drive for 2 weeks. Anyway, he knows ALL the lyrics the the opening songs of "Sophia the 1st, Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse". It's cute but such a mom fail!

4. Eyan really likes to help feed Emberlynn. To the point he was arguing with his grandma and grandpa about it. He kept taking the bottle and saying "you don't do it, I do it!" Well hey at least he is helping!

5. Yesterday I took the kids out for my first time...alone...to the doctors. Our office is upstairs. I had the stroller, so we had to take the elevator. When I told Eyan this he said "yay! Alligator". So much cuteness I couldn't correct him.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

2 weeks!

Emberlynn went for her 2 week check up on Monday! We got some interesting measurements and were told she looks good.

Emberlynn's Birth Measurements:
-weight: 6.96 lbs
-height: 20.5 in
-head: 13

Emberlynn's 2 week Measurements;
-weight: 6.11lbs
-height: 19 in
-head: 12.75

Odd that she somehow shrunk??? They measured her 3x too and it was the same every time. I don't actually think she shrunk, I think the hospital measured wrong, so my little girl is even smaller then we thought! But she did gain back her birth weight so that makes me happy!

Unfortunately, we have to go back today because since Tuesday she has been spitting up excessively and pretty much everything she eats. Hopefully they have some suggestions to ease this because the poor girl just isn't comfortable.

Her sleeping habits WERE great, only waking at 2am and 6am to feed, but since Tuesday we are up almost all night battling the spit up, choking episodes and and not wanting to sleep in her own bed. This week has been rough!

Here's a cute picture of my sweetness!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big brother

Eyan has been great with baby sister Emberlynn! He loves her, pets her (pats her head), talks to her, holds her and is just fantastic!

The other night she got her first bottle...courtesy of Big Brother! He loved it and well she tolerated it!

Monday, March 25, 2013

DaddyScrubs Review & Giveaway!!!

When I first found out we were expecting I was elated.  After all I kinda love being pregnant most of the time.  It may be uncomfortable but the experience is amazing and if Jason would allow, I would probably do it 20 more times!  Speaking of Jason, pregnancy and delivery are not just about mama and baby.  Daddy's need to be included and feel special too.  Jason and I didn't do much for each other when Eyan was born, but this time around I really wanted to make him feel special on the day we had Emberlynn.  

I was quick to contact DaddyScrubs!  I knew that this gift would be an awesome daddy to be gift and that he would LOVE it!
I planned the whole surprise out and was so excited to give this to Jason on the day of Emberlynn's arrival!  After we got to the hospital, I got suited up and they had a pile of surgical attire for Jason to wear.  They told him to get ready and I pulled out the package and had Jason open it (I totally could not find the camera or my phone right away and missed this...doh!)  Jason was really excited to put the scrubs on, and immediately rushed in the bathroom and rocked the scrubs!  I found the camera at this point :)  He proudly wore them and has washed and worn them a few more times because they are so comfortable and as he says "breathy."  He still had to dawn the surgical attire but you could see through it and the nurses thought the scrubs were so cool they were taking pictures of him!  He was quite the little celebrity at the hospital and I KNOW it made him feel extra special.  Thank you DADDYSCRUBS!

The back!  So awesome!
The Front!  Look how happy my hubby is!
Rocking them right into surgery to meet our sweet girl.  The nurses had to take a picture!

Jason & Emberlynn!
A little more information on DaddyScrubs! 

DaddyScrubs® is the offspring of Robert Nickell, who fathered his first four children more than 20 years ago. DaddyScrubs® was conceived when Robert, who remarried in 2007, discovered he was about to be a father all over again in the fall of 2009!

Not wanting to endure the pains of wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting his laboring wife, Robert hatched the idea of creating doctor-like scrubs for himself. It seemed a natural thing for him to do — since Robert is a pharmacist by profession.

To eliminate the confusion between “who’s the doctor” and “who’s the daddy,” Robert fashioned the concept of “I’m The Daddy®” medical scrubs.

DaddyScrubs is the perfect gift idea for any expectant father or new dad in your life!  They offer a variety of daddy-to-be & new dad gifts from hats, to shirt to gift bags as well as the signature scrubs!  To learn more about this awesome company, visit their website at www.daddyscrubs.com and take a look at this great video as well!

DaddyScrubs is generously offering one of my readers a chance to WIN a pair of their signature scrubs!  Also they are offering a 10% discount on their website to my followers, just use the code "BLOG13" at checkout!

Enter below for you chance to win!!!

Disclaimer:  DaddyScrubs provided me with the signature scrubs for free for review.  All thoughts, opinions, and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by any outside source.

Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Laughs...bout darn time!

I am sure my friend Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles is missing my hysterics :)  So I am jumping back in with some funnies and cuties from well a lot of time!

Lets go!

1.  Today Eyan and Emberlynn's great-grandparents came to visit.  Grandma asked if she could take Emberlynn home.  We all kinda expected him to say "ok" even though he has been great with her.  However, my sweet little boy shook his head vigorously and said "NO!"  Oh my heart just melted.

2.  Eyan walks up to Jason the other day and asks "Daddy I wanna smell your finger..." ugh...let the jokes and inappropriate comments start.  

3.  Eyan is starting to realize that certain things are not okay to say...and is correcting us.  The other day Jason said "Ugh stupid jar!"  Eyan tells him "Daddy we don't say stupid!"  I may have cussed the other day, Eyan may have corrected me with that exact cuss word ("Mommy don't say ----").  Well at least I am teaching him something.

4.  How quick we forget the projectile pooping of an infant...all over mommy who had finally taken a shower and changed her clothes after 2 daysWhat can you do other then laugh...and try to find a pair of pants and shirt that do not rub on my incision.  Lesson learned child...you can poop like a man!

5. My husband hates Justin Timberlake.  I feel exactly the opposite and just like Melissa I am so in love...I might have mourned the day he married Jessica Biel.  Emberlynn was being slightly fussy so I grabbed my phone and put on Justin's new music.  My child definitely has a musical opinion.  She sat and was peaceful during "Mirrors" but was fidgety and fussy during "Suit & Tie."  I must teach this child more about his sweet sultry musical skills.  


Monday, March 18, 2013

Emberlynn's Birth Story

A week ago today I gave birth to the 2nd part of my soul.  I am stunned by how amazing she is and how happy I am.  I thought I would be more overwhelmed, tired, emotional and fearful, but the reality is that right now I am just so happy.  Most birth stories are all dialation, waiting, epic pushing battles...Emberlynn's is none of that but its still her story and it deserves to be shared.

On Monday March 11th, I woke up and took a shower around 5:00am.  I continued to get ready and grab the last remaining items for our hospital bag.  I finally woke Jason up around 6:00am as we needed to leave by 6:30 to get to the hospital at 7:30.  Jason got dressed and started packing the truck full of all the things I was bringing.  There was my bag, the diaper bag, my computer bag (that I NEVER used), my nursing pillow, the car seat and of course the big brother gift!  Even in my new truck it was a lot of stuff.  We jumped in the truck and headed to the hospital eager to meet our little girl.

The entire drive to the hospital I was quiet and nervous.  I kept checking Facebook and trying to distract myself from the impending surgery.  I was so scared!  Once we got to the hospital, Jason grabbed a few things (definitely not all our stuff!) and we went to check in.  After we checked in, they walked us up to labor & delivery and put me in a triage room.  We had a wonderful OR nurse named Jessica and she proceeded to hook me up to a bunch of monitors to check on baby.  She also tried to put in an IV and blew a vein on my left hand.  I didn't mind though because I have super tough veins and so its typical for them to have to stick me more than one time.  She got the IV in my other wrist just fine, drew a few vials of blood and then hooked me up to some antibiotics (I guess that is protocol for surgery) and left us to hang out for a while.  In my hang out time, I peed about 40000 times, which is super fun when you are hooked up to an IV.  Also the anesthesiologist came in and explained the spinal to me, then the operating doctor came in and then it felt like minutes later, they came in and had me walk back to the OR room.

Baby Time!
The walk was fine, Jason followed us and put our stuff in the recovery room and waited to be called in.  I walked into the OR room and proceeded to say "Oh shit this just got real!"  I then told the anesthesiologist that he could start injecting whatever drugs he wanted that would calm me down.  Everyone was laughing but I was being completely freaking serious!  The had me climb onto the OR table, the anesthesiologist had me curl up and he put the spinal in.  He told me my butt would get really hot and it did!  Like insane hot and then they laid me back and prepped me for surgery as my body continued to numb.  I asked the anesthesiologist if they would check a small area to make sure I was completely numb, he peeked over the curtain and said "did you feel that?"  I said "No" he said "well they just stabbed you, I think your good!"

They brought Jason in and a few tugs, some very small pressure and the most beautiful screeching baby cry ensued.  I just kept asking Jason if she looked like Eyan and Jason kept telling me that he didn't know.  Little did I know he was trying to wait for me to be the first to see her...I just wanted him to make sure she was ok even though she was crying so loudly there was no question she was.  They brought her over to me and immediately I could see how much Eyan and her looked alike.  My babies are perfect and beautiful and I was SO happy.  They let me kiss her and touch her head and she was a bit sticky from all the vernix, but perfect nonetheless.  They took her and Jason out to do the bath and some other typical baby stuff and they sewed me up.  I proceeded to get super nauseous during this and almost threw up, but my friend the anesthesiologist pushed something amazing into my IV and I felt immediately better.  I guess my blood pressure was getting a bit low which is what made me sick.  The doctors and I were joking around, I made sure to have them check my appendix (which the doctor had joked with me about prior to surgery) and once they were done they put me on my regular hospital bed and wheeled me out of that room around the corner to the recovery room.  They brought Emberlynn over to me, but wouldn't sit me up because my blood pressure still wasn't cooperating (thank you blood pressure for being my arch nemesis!) and then they tried to have me nurse her, but honestly it wasn't working and I was getting pissed because I could not get her to latch correctly and I just wanted to sit up.  Eventually everything leveled out and they took me to my hospital room and Emberlynn and I nursed!  Perfection!

Daddy peeking at our little beauty
Seeing her for the first time
Getting cleaned up after delivery!
Eyan and my parents came in a few minutes later and he exclaimed "She is so beautiful!"  He gave her his gift that he bought her and she gave him one too!  They snuggled and stayed about an hour and then left.  Emberlynn, Jason and I spent hours bonding and just staring at our precious gift from God.

Eyan seeing baby sister for the first time
Getting his big brother gift!  He loved all the toy story stuff!
Eyan holding baby sister!  Such a happy boy!
Emberlynn Rose...my littlest love
We are elated and on cloud nine to have our family complete.  The adjustment of 2 kids has been completely fine and although I am sure we are in the honeymoon stage, Eyan has been great and I am so happy to have 2 healthy, beautiful and perfect kids!

My family!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

40 Weeks!

Brace yourself bloggy friends, I am about to flood my blog with pictures and stories and love all over the place!

I thought I would start with a photo montage of this pregnancy with this precious baby girl that I cannot stop kissing and holding and loving on.  My Lord I love my kids so much it is unreal how happy I am...I have even been trying to convince the hubby that more is better.  What the heck am I thinking!  MORE kids...he is continuing to remind me about the vasectomy he is planning.  I know Emberlynn is our last but I am on cloud nine right now and so so so in love with both of my kids I can hardly stand it. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Emberlynn Rose

6 lbs 9 oz, 20 1/2 inches. Born at 9:58 am and nursing like a champ. Big brother loves her and I am recovering well. Thanks for all the well wishes

39 weeks!

-DDay! Or date of extraction. You would not believe the nerves I have right now! I'm excited, nervous, grumpy (can't eat or drink so the hangrys have set in) and stressing out!

-All those feelings are going to be worth it in a few short hours, so I am done complaining.

-I thought about getting really dressed up today then said "ummm no!" Comfy it is!

-When we left Eyan at grandma & grandpas last night he could care less about giving me a hug or kiss :(. Kinda broke my heart.

-I am most nervous about, Eyan adjusting and the recovery. I've heard the 2nd csection is a lot tougher!

-I'll try to post later after Emberlynn gets here! I don't respond well to most medication so I might be a messy loopy crazy person for a while ;)

We'll call this "before"

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finished Nursery

Today I finally got all the finishing touches done.  There are a few more little things I will be adjusting, but for the most part, the nursery is done and it is definitely ready for Miss Emberlynn to arrive in the next couple days...hours at that!  Please excuse the rough lighting.  My mom did a fantastic job making the bedskirt, lamp shade, pillow, valance and quilt.  She is still working on some curtains as the first did not come out ideal and a changing table cover as well, but this is as ready as it is going to be before our baby girl arrives.  I am so in love!

My nursing corner, complete with a handmade lamp shade!

Her beautiful dresser and hutch!

The crib and changing area.  We will be adding a picture of Eyan and Emberlynn in the frame above the changing table.

I know I have posted this before, but I am so proud and in love!

The curtains will be changing as they are too "lime" but the valance and
the quilt are beautifully made by my mama! 

The decals turned out perfect and fit well!

ALL her drawers are full as is her closet...insane.  Love this dresser though!

My mom hand embroidered this pillow!  I just LOVE IT!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Last Day of WORK!

Well kinda!  I will or plan to be back mid-May to finish out the last couple weeks, but for 9 short weeks, I will be relearning how to be a mom again.  I will be getting taught lessons by an OMG...three year old as to how to evenly divide my time and make him feel special.  I will be a zombie of epic proportions because let's be honest here, Eyan was not a good sleeper, so why even hope for better.

But today is my last day of work!  I put on my maternity pants and squeezed into my typical Friday spirit gear and thought how weird it is going to be for my students to see me not pregnant.  I am looking forward to that.  I am at a total weight gain of about 25lbs (that is still 25lbs lighter then I was with Eyan)!  I am kind secretly banking on the weight falling off again since I gained so little comparatively and the weight flew off the last time.  I am hoping the HCG hormone stays in my system a little longer and I get skinny skinny skinny!  Oh I also cannot wait to get a haircut and color (Aunt Kelly I am coming for you)!  I do not cut or color my hair when I am pregnant for fear that my hormones will make irrational decisions and I will end up Brittany Spearsing it and truly bald is just not a good look on me.

Leaving today is bittersweet.  I really love my co-workers.  They are super funny, supportive and helpful.  My administration is the same way and even people I still do not really know still say hi in the halls.  It is just a very pleasant place to work.  My students are crazy, but I have enjoyed them.  Like I posted Tuesday, they are just really sad for me to leave and it is pretty darn endearing!  However, I AM READY to be done working.  The swelling and headaches and energy that I need to continue it just not working.  In addition my appointment on Wednesday was not great and lead to some extra labs to make sure that they were not going to have to take baby girl early.  I go back this afternoon for more tests but I am still banking on not having her until Monday!

Watch the blog or Facebook for a picture update.  It takes me a bit to recover, but I promise I will put a picture up of our new addition at some point! Prayers for a safe delivery and speedy recovery!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mrs. Funk are you going to miss us?

My poor students are somehow just now realizing that I will be out for the next 2 months because HELLO I have to have this baby on Monday!  It is almost like they have been in denial for the last 6 months and today I am seeing sad faces and kids are trying to hug me (I am not a hugger when it comes to my students)!  They keep asking me if I am going to miss them.  The truth is probably not.  I know how it is to have a newborn and I know how all consuming that is and I probably will not even remotely think about how they are doing.

I have a wonderful long term sub and everything is ready for her to take over.  I fully trust my kiddos with her and am ready to just have this baby already.  I honestly am worried that when I come back the last 2 weeks of school, I will have a hard time with some of their names again.  170+ kids and a new mama brain my be the death of me.

Still it is sad to see their little faces and sad words as they actually realize that today might be our last day as a class.  We have state testing this week so I only see each class 2x this week.  So maybe, when I am up for a 3 am feeding and exhausted...I might miss them, just for a moment :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

38 weeks!

  • I am so done being pregnant.  I am keeping hope alive though because by this time next Monday I will be getting wheeled into surgery to meet this little girl, so there is a definitive end in sight!  My pre-op orders are kinda lame.  Basically no eating or drinking after midnight, arrive at 7:30 am on Monday and wait for them to extract said baby and then recover.
  • I WAY overdid it this weekend.  My parents took Eyan Friday and Saturday night so Jason and I used that time to spring deep clean our house.  I keep a fairly clean house normally so when I say deep clean I mean cleaning vents, fans, scaling our 20 ft ceilings to take down draperies and wash them, baseboards and walls.  Jason fixed the fan in the nursery as it was never attached to a stud and put together our sit n stand stroller as well.  We packed our bags and did some shopping for Easter, family photos and general last minute items.  The house is ready for a little baby even if mommy is not.  My body says get this little girl out and my back and hips feel like they are being torn in half.  My inside ankles are feeling the strain of this sweet waddle and I officially have a bit of light swelling happening.  My mind however, has a millions things to accomplish both at work and at home that most definitely need to get done before Monday...like paying bills and stuff like that!
  • Things I would like to remember that I know I won't unless I type it:
    • Emberlynn likes ice cold water...she kicks and flips and just seems to love when I drink it.
    • I have yet to get that linea nigra with her.  With Eyan I had it and with Emberlynn it has not made an appearance yet.
    • At 38 weeks exactly I had to ditch my wedding ring and put my wedding band on because I almost didn't get my wedding ring off yesterday.  Yes I have two, just for this purpose.  My wedding ring is fancy and diamondy and perfect for me and my wedding band is just a plain gold band that is sized up 1 size that my loving hubby had engraved.  I also wear it when I am wearing really nice sweaters that I am afraid to snag on my wedding ring.   With Eyan the wedding ring was off around 30 weeks and the band was on!
    • I was NOT in this much physical pain with Eyan.  I know that because I remember my family making comments about how bad the swelling must hurt and honestly it didn't.  Without the swelling (maybe it was just extra cushion ;) I am more uncomfortable then ever.
    • At my appt. last week I was measuring 4 weeks behind (34 weeks at 37)...Since then I have put on 3 lbs...I am betting I am up to at least 37cm at this next appt on Wednesday!  With Eyan I was always right on measurement wise, but I still think she will be about the same size as him. 
  • It is bitter sweet that this is my last pregnancy.  Everyone keeps asking us if we are done.  We are as long and baby girl and I make it out safely.  Jason is waiting to get "fixed" until after she is here and both of us are ok.  So as I enter the last few days of my last pregnancy I am a bit sad that I will never feel another human squirming about or wait for that anticipation of the first kick, hiccup, gender reveal, cry or look into their sweet newborn eyes.  However, I am relieved to a point as I am miserable and I am not looking forward to those sleepless nights...especially with a 2 year old that deserves my attention just as much as the new baby does. 
  • There is so much I want to write but if I do not get back to my To-Do list I will not be able to go on maternity leave :)  One more bumpdate then a baby photo, please keep us in your prayers for a safe delivery and healthy mama and baby.

Thanks and Happy Monday!