We Got the FUNK: May 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{Wordful Wednesday} Eyans first swim lesson

Last summer our cousin Caleb took swim lessons at our local rec center.  I would have loved for Eyan and Caleb to do lessons together, but he did not meet the age requirements.  So this year I signed him up immediately...no like literally the sign ups opened at 7:00 am the day after his 3rd birthday and I was there, first in line!
So we ended up missing his first scheduled lesson because we were still in LA coming home from Disneyland, but we made his 2nd by the skin of our teeth.  His lesson is from 9:05-9:35...I woke up at 8:39 because of course my kids are going to decide to sleep in when we need to get up and go.  Normally we are up at 7:30...yeah an hour later I was busting booty to get out the door and literally I walked in and threw him into the class at 9:05. 
His first lesson went well.  A friend of mine has a son that also happens to be in the class so Eyan has a friend and he listened to his teacher pretty well.  He did however try to tell the teacher that he was going to go play in the little kids area and proceeded to try to swim by himself and went straight under.  They grabbed him and he cried for about a second and then all was fine...back to class he went.  After the lesson, the teacher told us that he just needs to work on putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles. 
Cue lesson two.  We were up on time and at the rec early (1st people in our class there)!  I really thought this would go well like it did the week before, but Eyan didn't want to participate or listen to his teacher very well.  He threw a tantrum, and then another tantrum and then had to take a time out and then jumped in the water, and then it was over.  No real swimming stuff happened. 
Lets hope lesson 3 goes better next week!

Eyan is in the orange goggles and the yellow and grey shirt

Eyan doing very good at his first lesson!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Family day at the aquarium!

Several weeks ago, Jason and I went for a family day to the local Denver Aquarium.  We had really wanted to do the zoo, but it was insanely busy and we voted against that and instead headed towards the aquarium.  We thought Eyan would just love it...but well that wasn't exactly the case.  He didn't exactly mind the small fish and animals but the large fish and animals totally freaked the kid out.   Needless to say, it was a nice day, but it probably won't be on our regular family outing list.
Jason and the kids prior to the big fish

This is mid meltdown...Eyan was pretty sure that the turtle was going to eat him.

But how pretty is the turtle!

Pretty kitty!

Cue large fish...err shark!

Jason and Eyan looking at the fish

The jellyfish were pretty!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thoughts:Pumping vs Nursing

So I have been back at work for almost a week and I only have a week left (well if we want to be precise...and I do, I have the rest of today, 3 full days and 3 1/2 days).

For nine blissful (well mostly) weeks, I was at home with my babies and was able to exclusively nurse Emberlynn.  She had a couple bottles of breast milk to prepare her for having them consistently while I am at work, but for the large majority we just nursed.  I made sure to pump about 20 different times so I had a stash before I headed back to work as well.  Unlike her brother, Emberlynn has never had formula...and I am trying my hardest to keep it that way.  I have nothing against formula; feed your baby the way that keeps you both sane and healthy.  Eyan had some formula as the initial sting of new mom+terrible sleeping baby=grandma and daddy giving a few bottles of formula so mommy doesn't lose her shit.

So here we are 4 days into being given bottles of breast milk consistently and me pumping more then nursing.  I hate it.  With Eyan I only had to pump once at work because he was already starting to munch on real (baby) food.  With Emberlynn I need to pump 2-3x (all of my plan periods) just to make sure there is enough milk for the day.  I do have my milk stash but I would prefer she is getting mostly "fresh" milk.

I just hate sitting in a tiny room, trying to work and pump, not able to move around the building and get what I need to get done.   The only plus is that I think my milk supply is actually increasing because I fully drain my breasts...Emberlynn nurses consistently all day so I never fully empty.

Those moms that exclusively pump are champions...this stuff is painful and more work then just open shirt, insert boob, burp.  My insurance even gave me a brand new Medela Pump in Style that is truly a lot less painful then my old Medela.  Plus the cleaning and sterilizing...just another thing to add to the work of pumping.  I realize I do not have to sterilize every day, but I work in a school people...germs are everywhere!

Oh and my baby that used to sleep pretty much through the night is not doing that anymore...because she wants to be next to mommy.  I may or may not be co-sleeping for part of the night because I can't be exhausted right now.  She is nursing pretty much from the time we get home until the time she goes to bed...And plus also, poor Jen is dealing with fussy pants diva who refuses to be put down during the day.  Clearly little Missy is not happy mommy is at work and she is getting bottles.

Regardless it is all worth it and only for a few more days.  After this the next time I return to work Miss Emberlynn will be 6 months and on baby food, so I will not be pumping ALL.THE.TIME!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back to life, back to reality

The first two days are done.  Each morning Emberlynn has woke early and protested me getting ready for work.  It makes for early mornings that are busy and how on Earth I make it to work on time is a miracle.  Eyan of course sleeps until we get to Jens and is super happy and playful to be there.  Emberlynn did great the first day.  She ate well, wasn't to spitty and slept great.  Today she was apparently a grumpy fussy no sleep diva. To top that off Eyan was not listening very well.  Poor Jen.  Thank God she loves me and my kids!  Each night I've been home my peanut has wanted to be next to me constantly which is no problem since that's all I want too! 

Work has been great!  I truly work with some caring, amazing, awesome people!  They have welcomed me back and really made being at work easy!  My students have been wonderful.  They made huge welcome back posters and gave hugs (which normally I hate, but the warm welcome was nice).  They unwillingly complimented me by saying that its like I never left, they're back to working like crazy but having fun!  

Hopefully this week (and next) flys by!  Only 4 full days and 4 half days left!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

2 Months!

Haha I totally just noticed shes giving the finger...looks about right for this bossy pants

Yup, that went quick!  My little peanut is growing (not too much albeit) and becoming quite the little personality!  She is smiling and starting to coo and does NOT like when she is not getting attention (especially from mama).  She has a particular cry just for me that is pretty much a death scream to let me know how much I pissed her off by not holding her while I wipe her brothers butt.  Yeah seriously it is amazing.  I cannot wait to see what words get added to that when she becomes a teenager!

We had her 2 month appointment last Monday and her statistics are:
-Height: 22 inches (39%)
-Weight: 9.3 lbs (11%)
-Still in newborn diapers (1's reached her nipples)
-Still in mostly newborn clothes (0-3 sleepers because she's so long)

Yeah I was a bit concerned about the weight, especially with the reflux, but the doctors arent, and say shes right on her own curve.  She took the shots like a champ and is just beautiful and perfect!

I'm not ready to admit that she is sleeping through the night, but I will say her Mother's Day gift to me was 8 straight hours of sleep (even though I only got 6 of those because Eyan had a nightmare!)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eyan's Birthday Extravaganza!

So almost a month ago my sweet boy turned 3 and we had almost a full month of celebrating!  On his birthday day we always have homemade cake and ice cream and I cook whatever he seems to like at that point in his life.  This year it was spaghetti.  The morning of his birthday I woke him by singing happy birthday and we headed downstairs where I proceeded to cook his birthday breakfast and let him watch TV in the living room while eating.  Later that day we proceeded to bake his cake and decorate it.  He was such a huge help with decorating.  While cooking dinner I stepped away from the kitchen and the damn dogs ATE HIS CAKE!  So I had a breakdown and my sister saved the day and bought a Mickey Mouse cake at Target that Eyan loved.

Birthday breakfast & TV!
Thanks Auntie for saving the day with the cake (notice the small round 1/2 eaten cake in the background by the knives)

His actual birthday party was the following Saturday and we had a blast.  He wanted a Cars birthday party so instead of customizing a bunch of stuff I went with the generic party stuff (no one truly cares as long as the food is good and drinks are flowing).  I also got a pinata which I was super excited about and it was totally fun!  Eyan loved when everyone sang to him and he sang right along with them and then he dove head first into all the presents.  The boy was truly spoiled!
Eyan Singing with everyone!

The third part of Eyan's birthday extravaganza was our Disneyland trip.  I will have another whole post dedicated to the less crappy pictures from our vacation!  Bottom line, the kid LOVES being 3 and will probably expect all his birthdays to be this busy and fun. #MomFail

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sad sad

K so I realize that I initially had a choice in this matter and I realize that it's only for 2 short weeks, but I am so sad.  I go back to work on Monday and am just not ready.  I thought I would be at this point. I'm not going to cry, because Jen is a fantastic second mommy to my babies.  That at least is a positive.  

I am thankful that summer is only two weeks away and that I basically get to spend the first 6 months of Emberlynn's life with her.  I am thankful for Jen and her amazing patience with my kids.  I am thankful for my job, which I love, and need to truly keep my passion alive.

Monday makes me nervous!  Packing everything, making sure she has enough milk and pumping at work to keep up.  Eyan is easy in that all he needs are his daily clothes.  Emberlynn needs 4x more stuff.  Oh and what about her feedings at night?  What if she's screaming while I'm frantically trying to get ready for work?  God help me, I'm so not ready for this.

I've been taking in every last moment with my kids this week because I am going to desperately miss them next week!

Send me good luck people, I'm going to need it! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Disney vacation in iPhone pics

We left on Sunday the 28th and had a nice flight into LAX.  The airport was super fun for Eyan and he loved the plane and was fantastic.  Emberlynn slept almost the entire flight. 

When we got to LA we picked up our rental car and headed to the hotel.  We had quite the wait for our hotel room so we dropped off our luggage and headed to downtown Disney.  Eyan picked out Buzz Lightyear Mickey eats and our day was already over. 

Monday we had a breakfast with Mickey and went to Disneyland.  My grandparents met us there and made our trip 200000000000 times easier.  Grandpa took us on the rides with his handicap pass so I wouldn't have to be away from Emberlynn too long and my grandma hung in the AC/Shade with baby the entire time! Eyans favorite ride was Astro Blasters with Buzz of course! Emberlynn got SO many compliments about her Minnie dress! 

Tuesday Eyan woke up with fantastic food poisoning! (Thank you Captain Kidds Buffet)!  We headed to California Adventure and the only picture I remembered to take on my iPhone was this one of Emberlynn hanging out waiting to leave to the park.

Wednesday we met my lifelong friend and her kids at the Santa Monica pier!  My dad had never seen the ocean and we had a relatively nice time.  

Thursday we headed back to Disneyland, ate some delicious food at the Blue Bayou and caught the amazing World of Color at California adventure! 

Friday we went back to California adventure, waited all day to ride the fantastic Radiator Springs racers and caught the fireworks at Disneyland!

Saturday we got up early and headed to the airport.  Everyone was ready to go home...Emberlynn especially!

I have SO much more to share and much better pics on our camera so stay tuned!