We Got the FUNK: September 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Breastfast Club

I originally wrote this post as a guest post for Sarah over at  Nurse Loves Farmer amazing series on breastfeeding.  I loved it so much, I thought I would share it here. Enjoy!

My first time breastfeeding I went into like most; unaware of how neither baby nor I actually knew what we were doing and not prepared for how difficult it would be.  I kind of figured that it would be natural and easy and that was it.  I was unprepared for the chaos that his birth would cause in our nursing journey.  I had ecclampsia with my son Eyan that ended in an emergency (very emergency) csection, a baby in the NICU (from the effects of the magnesium) and a mommy with failing kidneys and terrible vitals.  I was never asked if my son was going to breastfeed or not...he was just given formula from the start.  When I finally met him (24 hours later) and I asked to breastfeed, the nurses were taken back and not as helpful as I would have liked.  I persisted and Eyan and I kinda had the hang of that...until my milk came in.  When my milk came in it didn't come out at all...no pump, hot showers, nursing or hand expressing was getting it out.  This lead to a trip back to the hospital to visit the lactation consultant for some assistance.  After a rough start and supplementing with formula for 10 months, Eyan weaned himself and we finished the year off on formula.  It wasn't exactly the way I wanted my breastfeeding experience to go.

So when we found out we were expecting number 2, I had an entire plan set out.  I joined an online community of awesome women, read more on breastfeeding and had an actual goal to exclusively breastfeed for 1 year.  When my daughter Emberlynn was born in March, I nursed her right away (in recovery from the csection)!  I continued to nurse her and 4 months out she has not had an ounce of formula!  I have nothing against formula, however after lots of research and discussions with my online mama's, and I have discovered so many versatile and amazing uses of breast milk!  So today I plan on sharing some of those great uses with you!

Did you know...
  • Breast milk has TONS of great proteins in it which help fight infections and heal!  So when your nipples are cracked and bleeding, express a little extra milk and rub it into the nipple and let air dry.  Your nipples will heal quicker!
  • Breast milk can also be used on baby for various cuts, infections and rashes.  Just dab it on.  Some that I have used are:
    • Goopy Eye:  Emberlynn had a clogged duct.  A few days of putting breast milk into her eye and it cleared right up!
    • Baby Acne:  Dab it on and baby had clear skin (usually within less than a day).
    • Those tiny cuts and scrapes
    • Diaper rash!  Yes, totally works. 
  • For the teething baby, freeze your milk into ice trays and then place it in those little mesh feeder bags and let baby chew away!  
  • For a baby that is not yet ready for solids but is SO interested in eating, express some milk into a bowl and spoon feed baby.  It is super messy, but the baby will love it.
  • When you start solids, mix it with your breast milk.  It helps with the transition and the taste differences.
  • Some that I have not tried myself but many of my online mama's swear by are:
    • Place it in ear to help clear up an ear infection.
    • Giving it to a sick toddler, the proteins will help fight the infection.
    • Putting it on a burn.
    • Using it to clear up adult skin blemishes and dry skin.
Hopefully some of these tips are helpful!  Thank you Sarah for starting this awesome series!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mesothelioma Awareness Day

I am part of the mesothelioma network and am SO excited to be helping in bringing more awareness to this awful disease!  On September 26th it is Mesothelioma Awareness Day and a fellow blogger and amazing survivor is on a mission to get 7,200 social media shares about her story to help raise awareness.

Heather is a wife, mother and survivor of mesothelioma.  She was diagnosed when her daughter was only 3 1/2 MONTHS old and was only given 15 months to live!  Heather is now a 7 year SURVIVOR and is sharing her story to let people know the dangers and facts about mesothelioma.   This cancer is rare and deadly and is caused from asbestos.  Asbestos is still NOT banned in the US and no amount of exposure is safe to anyone. 

You can read more about Heather here and  please join us in raising awareness by donating your social media status on September 26th!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Labor Day

I totally have been slacking as Labor Day was weeks ago and here I am finally getting around to posting our awesome weekend.

Jason could not get the time off of work, so my mom and I took the kids up to my hang out with my grandparents and aunts and uncles for some fun and relaxation.

Here is what we did.
Great-Grandpa and Eyan hand fed squirrels.
Watched hummingbirds
Played with Great Grandpas razor

Visited with our cousins
Watched fireworks over the lakes with Great-Grandma
Tried to take snuggly photos with my guy
Who preferred just to be in the photo alone.

And of course we went 4-wheeling.


Friday, September 20, 2013

My Boy

Everyday that I pick up Eyan, he tells me he wants water.  What he really wants is my water bottle from work.  He loves it...and snuggled with it...and then I just died at the cuteness!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Real Food

We waited and waited and the tiny peanut was just grabbing after any food item she could and we did not give in.  I made it to my goal of exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 months, and although that will still be her main source of nutrition, we are adding in 1 meal a day!  We started with oatmeal and will be adding a veggie soon!  She LOVED it!

Ready to eat
She grabbed after the bowl the entire time I was trying to feed her!
She kept grabbing onto my had as I was feeding her to insure that I was going to put the food in her mouth.
It was a bit messy
Big Brother helped!  Even after we were done, she tried to eat the bowl.
GAH!  Happy Baby


Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Y3W: A Daddy's Love

Be still my heart


Monday, September 16, 2013

Poor Jen...

You know I had to go back to work.  I was ready but this little girl who has had me to herself for almost 5 full months, well she did not transition very well.  Sometimes she is kinda pleasant and sweet and will play and allow Jen to get stuff done, like this:

However, most of the time, she tends to look like this:

I hear all the time how Emberlynn seems to be such a good baby and is so sweet and I am always asked if she cries.  Well people, she cries...a lot.  Thank God Jen has patience and it is getting easier, but this little mama's girl, well she is all about routines and her mommy.  Rough transition.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hey I won!

What's that you say?!? My wonderful friend Carrie, over at My Life, Our Journey nominated me for a great blogging award.  Carrie is a mommy/teacher/badass crafting lady like myself who is taking the blogging world by storm!  Follow her people!

Basically this award is designed to bring more exposure my way which is always awesome and appreciated.  Thank you Carrie!   So what is this award called?

There are some rules so hang on folks, you're about to get blown away by some awesome facts about me Me ME! 

After receiving the nomination, the blogger must:
  • Acknowledge the nominating blogger;
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself;
  • Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you;
  • List 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers (as best as you can tell based on the info provided!). They should be bloggers that you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
  • Post 11 questions for the bloggers that you nominated to answer; and
  • Let all of the bloggers know that they have been nominated.  You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you.
11 Random Facts about me!
1.  I have about 400+ stuffed Elmo's that take up an entire closet (floor to ceiling people!) that I have no clue what to do with.  I collected them for 10 years, but no longer have an interest...please send help ;)
2. I have OCD but this wasn't always the case.  Prior to my microbiology course in college and that semester where I thought planning a wedding, coaching high school cheerleading, playing roller derby and taking 21 credit hours was a good thing (I rocked that semester with a 3.9GPA too!) I was semi normal and could handle a mess.  
3. To piggy back off the previous fact, I have never shared drinks or food purposely.  That has always grossed me out...except now I find myself willing to share with my kids, so maybe that's progress?
4. I wish I was more prepared for any emergency.  Bug out bags and a better stocked pantry would make me happy.
5. I always plan for the worst.  That way I'm prepared for any scenario.  I lose a lot of sleep worrying about the "what if's" and making plans.  For example I have mental plans on how to get my whole family (dogs and fish too!) out of my house in the event of a fire.  It probably won't work, but I just pray I never have to use it.
6. I'm terrified of failing.  TERRIFIED!  I'm even scared of my AP students failing because I wasn't everything they needed.  
7. I think I may be considered a "one upper" and that bugs me.  I definitely am never trying to one-up anyone.  I just love love love sharing stories and similar experiences!  People are awe inspiring and stories are fun.  If I ever seem like I'm doing this, call me out.  
8. I am a huge potty mouth.  I try to watch my mouth and I am definitely very good around my kids, but at work, I probably say S&^% and A$$ and Damn at least 3x daily.  I am terrible about this.  It was all those years working in the hood that messed with my demeanor I tell ya.
9.  During the summer months, I go shopping almost every single day.  Sometimes for food, sometimes clothes, sometimes nothing...I just CANNOT stay cooped up at home and shopping is just fun.  I am one hell of a bargain hunter and very rarely do I actually buy something for full price, but I just can't stop shopping in the summer.  It is fiscally a good decision for me to be a working mom.
10. Eyan is smart...like really smart.  I had nothing to do with this other then the genetics portion, the kid is just smart.  I kinda feel like I am a failure as a parent because I never teach him...how in the heck he can count and knows his colors and speaks as clearly as he can, I will never know.  I sure in the heck do not sit down with him and go over all this. #mommyteacherfail
11. I am a nighttime snacker...that is probably why my weight fluctuates so darn much.  Right now I am debating whether or not to grab a snickers ice cream bar and it is 11pm.  This happens every single night.  God save my waistline, and send me some willpower. 

11 Questions
1.  What's your favorite meal of the day? 
-I guess dinner.  Breakfast is usually a snack for me because well I am allergic to milk and eggs so that pretty much sucks the fun out of that one.  Lunch is always fast because I am working, which leaves dinner.  I usually cook, we eat as a family at the table and it is typically pleasant.
2.  What's your favorite fruit? 
-Honey Crisp Apples.  Hands down, delicious!
3.  When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?  
-No clue.  I do not think I wanted to be anything until I was almost graduated from high school.
4.   What quality do you find most attractive in others?
-If you can make me laugh and laugh at my stupid jokes, we will be friends forever!
5.  What's your favorite sport?
-Cheerleading...go ahead and argue with me on this one.  It is a sport!
6.  Gold or Silver?
7.  What's your favorite candy?
8.  What's your favorite online shopping website?
-I use Amazon, but I am not exactly a savvy internet shopper.
9.  What' your pet peeve?
-This list is entirely too long to mention
10.  Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?  Winter! Snow falling, warm clothes, snuggled up, just well perfection!
11.  How many pairs of shoes do you have?  
-Probably like 40 or 50...The thing is, I am not a shoe person.  I have a pair of shoes that I have had since 7th grade (easily 15 years ago) that I wear all the time.  I have no clue why I have so many pairs of shoes. 

My nominees:
I honestly am so off the blogging charts right now due to work kicking my butt, I haven't been following a whole lot of blogs.  I promise to do better on this, but for now, I do not have any nominees...I suck!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

6 months!

No joke!  That just happened!  My sweet girl is celebrating her 1/2 birthday today! 

We have her appointment tomorrow for stats and are hoping to be at or above the 11th% and get the go ahead for solids!  

At 6 months little missy can:
-roll over (but is super lazy and only goes belly to back)
-sit up pretty well
-hold her bottle
-take out and put in her pacifier. 
-grab toys
-has 2 teeth and BITES!
-laugh (but only at Eyan)

Emberlynn LOVES her brother! 

And is easily distracted...

Emberlynn still wakes up 1-2 times a night and is not a huge fan of sleeping in her crib. She loves to be swaddled too!  She still wears size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes (some newborn outfits fit as well).  She is long and so her sleepers are 3-6 months but are huge.  

We're slowly growing but at our own pace!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Ever just feel invincible.  I think as young people we all have those feelings, those thoughts of "that will never be me."  But what if it was you...

Like most days I get up after little sleep and shower, dress, brush my teeth and get myself ready.  I feed the dogs and let them out and pack my computer, the diaper bag, Emberlynns milk bag, Eyans bag, my pump and my lunch.  I make my breakfast, wake the kids, change a diaper, load kids in cars seats and drive to Jens.  Typical mom morning for most.

I work a full 40+ hours a week, where I am running around constantly, living my passion and trying my damnest to grow into a better teacher each lesson.  My work schedule is insane, and if you couple that with all my non-teaching duties and my flipped classroom undertaking...well it's carefully organized chaos.

I leave work, drive to get the kids, bring them home, make dinner, wash bottles, eat, clean up dinner and then play with the kids.  Baths, books and bedtime follows.  Then it's "me" time...

Except "me" time consists of paying bills, searching for that darn car that Eyan thinks he left in that one box of toys, scheduling appointments (thank you Internet), couponing and the list goes on and on.

Oh where's Jason you ask?  That man is helping like crazy! He watches the kids while I cook...or he cooks.  He helps with baths, books & bedtime.  He cleans.  He also works his butt off.  In no way am I saying my husband is not doing his part...God knows he is.  

At some point Jason and I cross paths for a split second. This is one aspect I hate about our schedules.  I miss us and our time a lot.  We get really grumpy when life gets busy.  This sucks.

But I digress...onto invincibility.

So what if "that will never be me" becomes "me?"  I have this uneasy, scared, helpless worry over dying.  I am incredibly scared to die...even though it is part of life.  I have watch a few people die and it is the most peaceful moment I have ever experienced all while tearing my heart out and crushing my gut.  I have experienced WAY too much death and loss and truthfully would love a lengthy break from memorial services and those stomach dropping phone calls ending in tears. 

What about my own death?  I worry about this a lot.  Not necessarily about the "how" but more about the after effects on my loved ones.  I have watched my husband and his family deal with tragedy and the loss of his mom, 2 aunts, uncle and a close family friend...within 2 years time!  The after effects on those left behind suck.  It's a daily battle to live "normal."  

I pray every night to live a long life.  However, I worry and plan for my passing.  I worry about how my babies would deal.  How on Earth could Jason tackle our crazy life and all the things I do for us (unrealistic...the man is very capable).  I worry that my kids will not be able to deal with losing me...that right there is soul crushing.  They are my everything and I think that I am theirs.  How could Jason handle losing me after losing both parents so young and then shouldering all responsibility and healing of our kids. It just is too much, so then I convince myself that I am invincible.  It's probably a coping mechanism, but all these thoughts, these realities...they need a coping mechanism.   

I think the reality of a young death has been on my mind forever.  I always thought I wouldn't live past 25.  I used to have a reoccurring dream that I died in a car accident driving in a red sports car (I fear these cars still). This all is compounded as I watch countless loved ones pass on WAY before "natural attrition."  So invincibility...I really hope I've got some left!

Am I alone in my crazy thoughts?

Sunday, September 8, 2013


My parents are relatively young.  My mom just turned 50 and my dad is 48.  However with the passing of my MIL at just 51, I have realized that I need to learn everything I can about family history and various skills and recipes.  So last weekend and this weekend, I learned to can from my amazing mama.  

My mom brought boxes and boxes of canning stuff over and we went to work.  Last weekend we canned dill and spicy dill pickles.  This weekend I canned salsa and bread and butter pickles.  The salsa was a lot more challenging then I expected because I had to peel and de-seed the tomatoes.  I'm weary of how it will come out, but they look so pretty.

I had a great time learning from my mom and am so excited to grub down on some deliciousness!  Life's short...learn. 


Thursday, September 5, 2013


We are almost a month in and I am working harder then ever!  I have 3 newish class preps; biology, AP Environmental Science and general Environmental Science.  Add to this, my colleague and I have decided to flip our classroom.  This is a fantastically cool teaching strategy where I no longer give notes and lectures in class.  Instead I record videos of the information and post them on YouTube for the students to watch and take notes and an online quiz.  Then I use class time to expand and do tons of fun and educational labs and activities.  It is exhausting and overwhelming and amazing.  My students are doing phenomenal!  It is amazing to see them work together, gain a deeper understanding and enjoy learning.  

It appears as though it would be a lot less work for me as a teacher, but in reality it is a lot more work and more rewarding as well!  I am continuously walking around guiding, teaching, expanding, questioning and playing devils advocate in class.  Outside of class my grading is more meaningful as the assignment are more culminating rather than periodic and random checks.  I am spending hours on my videos and creating lesson that are awesome and make the material more fluid!  It feels fantastic to be doing something like this.  It's refreshing, but it's taking all my time which is why the blog has been getting less attention. 

It's not that I don't want to write, it's that I literally have no time.  I am trying to update 2-3 time a week an hope to get back to my consistent 4-5 time a week post soon.  Until then I will be head deep in amazing educational strategies and refining my craft.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Is hard.  People tell you that and you think, "how can it be much different then dating, it's just a piece of paper."  Maybe to some it is a piece of paper.  Maybe the sanctity of it is not necessarily there for them.  Maybe it's just not as big of a deal.  But in my life, in my marriage it has never just been easy.  Jason and I have been ran through the ringer and had our marriage and commitment to each other tested more than most couples we know.   I have no clue sometimes how we survive it.  I feel like neither of us would want to just give up.  We fight hard and love harder.  We're passionate and hard-headed.  We have the same goals and at the same time can be complete opposites.  We bicker about every little thing...probably because we both like to be heard.  

But man those tests, those moments where for a second we catch a glimpse of how hard marriage really is.  When we look at each other with more frustration then love.  Those moments suck.  Most often they are over insignificant things...like lack of sleep.  Yes the biggest issue in our house is centered in sleeplessness.  Not money, not infidelity, not child-rearing, but stupid sleep.

I have never been one to function on little sleep.  All nighters are not my forte'. Jason is pretty much the same way...except he is a terrible sleeper and works crazy hours.  I'm sure our babies inherit his awful sleeping skills.  Truth be told, the man probably gets more sleep/rest hour wise but I probably get more restful sleep, quality wise.

Who would think that lack of restful sleep would lead to a bickerfest where the word "separation" would tumble out into the open.  Now of course we are not separating.  We have been tested far beyond sleepless nights and would not give up that easy.  Jason and I love each other madly.  He is my best friend, I have to die first because living without him would kill me anyway.  But obviously something needs to change.  So tell me people, how can we chill on the sleep front?  We're tired over here...