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Saturday, January 18, 2014

5 laughs

As always, linking up with Melissa over at www.the-Mommyhood-chronicles.com for our top laughs of the week.

1.  Student: so red means wrong?  Me...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (to be fair, this is an extremely smart kid who missed 2 questions out of 26, guess he wasn't used to seeing wrong answers).

2. My sister took Eyan to get his haircut yesterday.  He then said he was going to spend the night at her house with Zeusy (dog).  Then he said he was actually staying at grandmas but was sad he couldn't sleep with Zeusy there. Then told his aunt to pick him up Tuesday (probably so he could sleep with Zeus).  When I asked when I get him he responded "I'm not a helicopter!"  So I'm not sure if he is moving back in or moving in with Zeus...either way he is not a helicopter.

3. After about 40ish weeks the tiny peanut has learned to self entertain and play with her toys longer then 30 seconds.  As of late she just sits there talking and staring at stacking cups.  Some serious conversations happening there.

4. Jason and I got hungry for some crab.  So on a whim we drove up the mountains to our local gambling town for the buffet.  We had Emberlynn but Eyan was with grandma.  As I was walking towards the buffet with Lynnie, this older lady stops me and says "she is so dainty."  I thanked her all the while thinking oh if you only knew.  About five minutes later were back from the buffet, Emberlynn is face deep in a plethora of food and that same lady walks over to see her again and says "well dainty may not apply to meal time" then gives us a wink and walks away.  We both just laughed. 

5. Wednesday we had the practice ACT going on.  One of my teacher friends was cleaning out her desk (after 5 years) and found some awesome foam 3D visors in the ocean theme (I got the shark) and an unopened bottle of Everclear (not for drinking, it's used for DNA extraction).  So myself and a few other teachers threw on our ridiculous hats, walked down to our bosses office and pretended to be lit off the obviously unopened bottle of Everclear.  The office ladies bout died when they saw us. 

6. Bonus: I took my AP kids out to the wetland and pond area behind our school to do some water testing.  Unfortunately the water was frozen super solid (like 7-10 inches...teacher fail).  I managed to find a hole in the ice by pulling out a 2L bottle someone had thrown in there.  The hole wasn't quite big enough so I walked out about 5ft off shore (water at that point is only maybe 2.5ft deep) to grab a large landscaping brick to make the hole bigger, only that thing was frozen into the ice. So I walked back, as my students watched from the ice edge. All the sudden the district groundskeeper comes running towards us yelling at all my students to get off the ice...they were only on the edge not even 6 inches...they moved I come back in, he accuses us of polluting and then when I tell him I am the teacher and we are actually testing the water for pollution, the man says "sure you are."  I guess the hot pink gloves and hat along with my jeans and tennis shoes probably made me look 16.  The groundskeeper then barged into our office 2 seperate times to tell on me. My boss just laughed. 


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  1. The helicopter one is so adorable!!!!! Oh my g-d! I wonder what those office ladies were thinking!!! LOL #6! So cute! Always enjoy reading these!


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