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Monday, January 27, 2014

Bucket List...Revamped!

So a few years ago I wrote this post about my mini-bucket list.  Now as I am only 7 months away from my 30th birthday I thought it would be a great idea to revisit this list, add a few things and mark a few things off.
I have seen several blogger friends doing a 30 before 30 post and I love those, but realistically, I wont get a whole bunch of this stuff done before 30 so I am just keeping it as a bucket list.  What is great is that I can continue to add and subtract stuff as I want.

So from my previous post, here is my list:

1. Stay at my job and love it (Completed...3 years in progress and no plans to move!)
2. Have more babies (Completed...although we are done at 2!)
3. Get a passport (Completed!)
4. Go to Europe and visit, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany and any other amazing places with my family!
5. Take family pictures every year (Completed!)
6. Take Eyan & Emberlynn to Disney (Completed...but going back!)
7. Pay off my mortgage!
8. Take my parents on a vacation (kinda completed)
9. Take a second honeymoon to a exotic place just me and the hubby (Almost complete)
10. Save $30,000.00 just to have it...again
11. Finish the basement (Completed!)
12. Get a Harley Davidson of our very own (Completed!)
13. Renew our wedding vows with our kids as part of the ceremony
14. Spend $1000.00 in a single day on nothing but pampering and clothes for myself
15. Get a real psychic reading (cause that stuff is cool)
16. Get over my fear of flying...Never fly in a small plane though!
17. Go indoor skydiving (again fear of flying makes jumping out of actual plane impossible at this stage)
18. Swim with the dolphins again...except with my kiddo
19. Visit ALL 50 states (been to 18 that I remember)
20. Go to 5 concerts (been to 3)
21. Work on a Habitat for Humanity Home
22. Give back to at least 5 service organizations
23. Get back into a size 8...and stay there!  (Soo SOO close!)
24. Buy a farm and get some farm animals (horse, chicken, cow, goat)
25. Go on a cruise 

26. Build my blog even more
27. Debt free in 18 months
28. Paint our gigantic super tall living room!  
29. Donate $500.00 to charity 
30. More date nights with the hubby

I know there will be more things I want to do.  This list is ever changing and I am just excited to experience ALL of the things.  I want my family to be well traveled, well educated and above all spend time experiencing all of these amazing trips together.  From my childhood, I do not remember the day to day stuff, but I do remember the long RV trips for 3 weeks around the Four Corners area of the United States, the mule trip down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, DisneyWorld, chicken pox in Wisconsin, Mount Rushmore and cave spelunking in the Lewis and Clark Caverns.  Those are awesome memories and I just cannot wait to build those for my kids even more!