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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mothers' Milk Bank Colorado

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Did you know:
  • That 1 out of 8 babies born each year are premature and can be born with compromised immune systems, developmental delays, and nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Human breast milk contains well over 100 "ingredients" that provides babies with proteins, calories and most importantly the immune factors that formula just cannot provide.  More "ingredients" are being researched and discovered constantly and a recent one is being shown to actually KILL cancer cells! 
  • Human breast milk banks have existed for over 100 years.
  • One ounce of human milk can feed a NICU infant for a DAY!
  • Human milk donations can SAVE a babies life!
I had the awesome opportunity to tour our local Colorado milk bank and seriously had the best time and learned SO much!  I had no clue that Colorado even had a service like this available or that human milk donation was a "thing".  I am so excited to show you all that I learned and encourage any of my fellow nursing momma's with a freezer full of "extra" milk to donate to this awesome foundation!

The Mothers' Milk Bank Colorado is a non profit program of the Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation and was established 30 years ago.  Our Colorado milk bank does not just serve Colorado, they also serve many other states in the nation and are one of only 13 milk banks in North America.  95% of the milk that is donated goes directly to premature and sick babies in 117 cities nationwide.  They do not charge for the milk, only for processing and expenses related to this.  As a mother with a healthy child, I could also walk in and purchase some milk (with a prescription) for my child which is where the other 5% of milk that is donated goes. 

The process for collecting and distributing the milk is pretty awesome.  The science teacher in me really kinda geeked out on this.

First, the milk donors have to undergo a blood test, health screening and be willing to donate a minimum of 150 ounces total.  Then the donating mothers collect their milk in containers that the milk bank provides, freeze it and then sends them to the milk bank via convenient depots located all around the state (and nation)!

Donated milk.  The milk in the bags needs to be processed and the milk in the containers above is already processed and ready to ship to save a baby!  

Once the milk arrives at the milk bank it is stored in freezers, then pooled together into large flasks (seen below) and poured into sanitized glass bottles.  The milk is pooled together to get a quality amount of fat and calories that hospitals require and is tested for these components as well.  The milk is pasteurized and the bottles are then cooled and placed in the freezers.  The milk is also tested for bacteria and waits in quarantine before it is sent to recipient hospitals and babies!  Once the milk tests are done and the milk is cleared, the milk is distributed!

I took this through a window...this is a completely sanitary and sterile environment. 
Milk being packaged for distribution
The milk bank can provide colostrum, dairy free milk, fat free and regular milk.  They truly are an amazing resource for babies!

If you are interested in becoming a donor, and are in good health, a non smoker and are not taking medications please contact the Mothers' Milk Bank Colorado!  You do NOT have to live in Colorado as they have collection depots all over the nation and will work with you to get the milk. 

You can help save a babies life!


This post is not sponsored and was just something awesome I got to do!


  1. That is really interesting. I always wanted to be a donor. :( But I am glad that others can, it amazes me what the human body can do!

  2. I didn't use a milk bank but I have donated about 400oz using HMHB :) its an amazing experience


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