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Friday, January 10, 2014

Failure to Thrive Update

The report above indicates the following information about failure to thrive:
1. Her weight has dropped .2oz in 2 days and she is in the 0%.
2. Her height is flatlined and she hasn't grown for 4 months, also the 0%.
3. Her head has continued to grow on her curve which is just about the only good news to come out of all of this.  Basically her brain is growing an developing which is fantastic!

So at this point she is "failure to thrive" based on growth.  

Today's appointment sucked.  Several double checks of weight and height, lots of graphs, lengthy discussions about possibilities and basically no answers...just a broad diagnosis.  They alluded that she could have a large variety of things not working correctly medically, she could just be small or she may just have a very fast metabolism and need more fattening food.

From the main appointment we headed to the lab, where they drew 4 viles of her blood after digging into her poor arm trying to find a vein without sticking her again.  After 10 minutes and me bawling and her screaming we finally finished that.  They also had to set her up for a urine sample too which was also a hot mess.

After all that mommy guilt set in.  I come away from the appointment feeling awful with a new diet for myself and her, several new appointments with endocrinologist, dieticians and more weight checks and food diarys then I can even comprehend. 

Today sucked, but from this comes answers and health.  Keep praying friends as we wait for more results and go through the process to figure out what's wrong with our tiniest peanut.



  1. I'm sorry Mommy! Hopefully they find an answer soon so you can put all of this behind you. Blood draws on babies are absolutely horrible, I always cry too. Praying for all of you as you wait for answers!

  2. Laura, how horribly frightening for you, but you are a super mother and on top of it and all our good wishes are with you. You have a great support system and no need for guilt feelings at all. Some things are simply out of our control. You are doing all the right things. Take Care and know that we all care.



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