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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FTT: Update 124674377

Oh gosh this weekend was horrendous.  Waiting and waiting for test results and then having them posted online for me to look at, over analyze, over react and ask all my nurse and doctor friends for clarification...all because my pediatrician (who is awesome btw), was out until this afternoon.  

Sunday, Emberlynns blood results came through with several things flagged as High and one thing flagged as Low.  Her white blood cells, monocytes, leukocytes, chloride and platelet count was all high.  Her creatinine level was low.  After I made enemies with google (ya, I know you should always stay away from google), and chatted with all my peeps, I was fully aware that we were definitely dealing with some sort of infection (probably this damn cold).  However, I also was aware that more tests would probably be ran just to make sure it was the cold and not something like...leukemia (thank you Google)!

So after waiting, freaking out and just preparing for the worst, my pediatrician called this afternoon.  She said that she noticed I had checked the labs and probably had seen the flags but that those are most likely due to her horrendous cold.  She also said she would like to run the labs again, just to be sure it wasn't anything else.  

So next week we talk with the dietician, have a weight check and more blood work.  Still no real answer as to why she is not gaining weight, all I know is that she eats more then any other baby I have ever met.

Clearly this is going to be a LONG road. 


  1. Emberlynn is a strong little cookie and has just decided to stay your baby for just a bit longer ;-)

  2. Delanas little boy was classified as failure to thrive. He pulled through so can emberlynn!!!

  3. Google and Web MD can be so evil! Still thinking of and praying for you guys and that you get answers soon!

  4. Google is a great thing, UNLESS you are looking for a diagnosis. I keep you all in my thoughts and hope you get answers soon!

  5. Cheri that is a sweet way to think of this situation! thank you!

    Darnelle, healthy kids also make me feel better :) Davian is perfection!

    Carrie, Thank you for the prayers!

    Tracy, Damn google...Thank you!


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