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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FTT: Weight Check

As most of you know we've been dealing with the littlest peanuts extremely slow (or lack of) growth and the eventual diagnosis of failure to thrive.  Today we FINALLY got some great news!

Emberlynn gained 8oz in 18 days!  For someone who has barely gained an ounce in 4 months, this is a HUGE growth for her.  We went from 14.2 to 14.10!!!! She is still in the zero percentile, but we are getting closer to at least the 1%!

Emberlynn's growth chart...getting close to being in a percentile!  

Also we had to have her blood ran again to just make sure that the abnormalities from last time are normal. They definitely were not perfect, but they were much closer to the normal range.  Our pediatrician does want to run her blood one more time just to rule out anything super scary, so in about 5-6 weeks we will fight the tiny peanut for another vile of blood. 

Our next weight check is much further off pending the comments from the nutritionist and hopefully we can even wait until her 1st birthday!  Today was a great doctors appointment and one where we finally left feeling like we were good parents.  Hopefully the rest of them continue in our favor. 

Happy baby and daddy waiting for our weight check!


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