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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fussy Baby Network

This post is not sponsored.  Figured I would start out with that.  

The Fussy Baby Network is a national free service that is offered to parents of newborns to basically help you troubleshoot your fussy baby (and avoid shaken baby syndrome and other abuse, due to frustration).  My pediatrician recommended this service to us at our very first check up with little Miss Emberlynn.  In the early months of our little diva, she was mostly easy to calm...had a few colicky days but nothing that I could not deal with.  However, over time as her personality has developed and she has decided who she really needs to attach herself to and who she would like nothing to do with, she has became extremely fussy and opinionated. 

It is not something that makes me so frustrated that I would do anything extreme (yeah that would never happen), but it does affect our sleep factor in this house and has to be addressed.  You see, the little peanut hates to be put down and screams that little hurt scream that makes your heart sink and you rush to her like she is dying...except she is fine and just wants you to hold her.  In addition if someone tries to hold her and she is just not feeling it (and I or Jen is anywhere near her), she will scream, fussy, push away from that person and throw a darn tantrum.  This makes it very difficult for Jason to sleep, Jen or myself to get anything done or Eyan to get any quality attention.

It is kinda killing our groove over here and literally has made me need to have those mommy time-outs more often then not.  It is hard enough to be a mom...even harder when you literally cannot quell the screaming unless you have a permanent attachment to your hip.  It is frustrating to say the least.

So after a few months of the crazy fussy baby, I finally decided to contact the Fussy Baby Network and see if they had any ideas to help Emberlynn transition from person to person and learn to be slightly more independent (good Lord child, mommy would love to pee in peace).  The have a hotline to help give you ideas and for some states, there are also FREE home visits.  

We had our first home visit which consisted of just chatting, and observing the peanuts attitude and creating some goals surrounding our needs as parents and the baby's needs.  At the end of this week we will have a follow up and hopefully get some ideas to actually combat the little diva we are cultivating.  Our contact person was awesome, non-judgemental and had a lot of positive feedback as to what we are doing right.  In addition, she will be following up with Jen to hopefully get the full picture of what we are all dealing with.  I will keep you all posted on the progress, and hopefully, we will see a calmer, happier, well-rested household.

Oh and for some fun...here is a quality tantrum...I literally sat her down for 1 minute...she crawled over just to cry until I picked her up.

Oh No you little Diva, good thing you are adorable!


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  1. she is beautiful


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