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Saturday, January 4, 2014


I love to scrapbook.  Like the real kind with paper and stickers and albums.  I've done a few digital books, but I just don't like the feel of them.  

At Eyan's first birthday, I had his 1st year mostly scrap booked for all our guests to look at.  People loved it, so I plan on doing that for the tinest peanut too!  However, I've yet to actually start her book.  I've organized photos (not printed yet), I've purchased some stickers (no album yet) and I have some page ideas planned out, but otherwise the book is not even started!  I've got about 10 weeks to get this done, and am unsure how much time it really will take me.  I spent well over $500.00 on Eyans book and probably 60 hrs.  I definitely do not have that cash or that time (6 hrs a week?!?) but it needs to be perfect.

So Scrapbooking folks, got any time and money saving ideas while still staying old school?

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  1. I got hooked on scrapbooking last summer. Talk about addicting! I didn't get very far with it so I don't have any tips other than to check with your local Michaels store (if you have one) for classes. My store offers a 3 hour class for $5 once a month and you get to use their Cricut machine and any stamps they have available. It was fun to scrap right there too since I could just walk out to the store to buy anything that I needed. My sister-in-law always plans a scrap night with a bunch of her friends. They rent a hotel room and stay up all night working. They like to share and swap materials with each other since you rarely use an entire sheet of stickers. Maybe you could get a group together? Best of luck and I would love to see some of your creations!


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