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Saturday, January 11, 2014

5 laughs 1-11-14

Today is your lucky day!  You're getting 2 posts from me.  One for Emberlynn's 10 month update (whhhhat?) and some laugh we've had this week!

Let's get to laughing and don't forget to link up with Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

1. Emberlynn was having one of her marathon crying sessions in the car because that car seat is the devil I tell ya!  Eyan tells her "Emberlynn it is ok, be quiet, YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT!"  yeah the conversation continued from there but by far that was the best quote ever!

2. Emberlynn has a new love...the dogs...she licks them.  God help us

3. Eyan had to go potty and all I can hear is a ton of splashing.  I ask him what he is doing, he says "just plunging."  Gross kid

4. Emberlynn is learning to pull up on things, mainly me. She will grab on, fuss, then look at me and laugh.  It is about the cutest thing ever!

5. Pig dissections happened this week, boys were screaming from fear, girls were elbow deep in intestines.  That always surprises the heck out of me.



  1. Haha she licks dogs! So funny! I just LOVE her name so much! The pulling up stage is so much fun! #5- I think I would freak although I think I might have done this in dental school!!!

  2. She licks the dogs, that is so funny! My youngest shares plates with the dog and cats! He'd smuggle Freckles into the house with him and they'd play together, hidden of course! #5 is hilarious!


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