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Saturday, February 8, 2014

5 laughs! 2/8/14

Let's go!  

1. Took Eyan to the monster trucks, he yelled "I love you Grave Digger!"  Kinda reminded me of the time I yelled "I love you Justin (Timberlake)!"

2. Emberlynn can stand now!  Then she has no idea what to do and cries.  Super cute.

3. If I tell Emberlynn to stop doing something, she will purposely do it.  You know like chew on the remote control car...or those poor dogs. 

4. My students are funny.  Yesterday I was teaching about DNA replication and how the DNA "unzips" then I showed them with my jacket.  Well that must have inspired one of my special boys because as soon as I ran to my desk in the office, I came back to "I'm too sexy" playing and that special boy pretending to strip...I was gone for all of 30 seconds.  These kids are faster then babies!

5. Then there was this
A rock that the tiny peanut found (seriously we vaccum daily..WTF?) I took it out and she cried for the damn rock again! Pica? 

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