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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cheap Family Wall Display

Cheap Family Wall Displays

So like many of my readers I have seen those beautiful family walls on Pinterest and really really wanted one. I had the perfect spot and then I started pricing out the cost of canvas and fancy clocks and vinyl sayings. Yeah it wasn't pretty (even with promo codes and coupons).  So I improvised, and created the wall you see above for under $50.00!


  • Cheap picture frames/shadow boxes:  I got mine at Michael's for $17.00 on sale Buy 1 Get 1.  So I got 4 frames.  BONUS:  Teachers always get a percentage off too so it was actually cheaper for me!
  • Pictures: I printed mine as a 5x7 at Target for $4.00
  • Clocks: I got mine at the Family Dollar of all places.  Only paid $5.00 a clock! 
  • Vinyl + access to some sort of die cut machine (Cricut, Silhouette): Michael's also has sheets of this for $9.99 a package (comes with 2 large sheets).
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Printer
  • Thread & Needle


  • First I went to Google Maps and typed in the hospitals and location of our wedding. I obviously did each one individually and then I copied them and pasted them into Microsoft word, turned them grey scale and added a clipart heart shape around the hospital name/wedding location and then printed them off.
  • Next I took some embroidery floss and separated it into 3 strands (instead of 6) and stitched around the heart outline.
  • Then I opened up my Cricut software, downloaded a digital cartridge (My Community Classmate) and cut out the clock and date out of scrap paper I had laying around. 
  • I also used scrap paper to put a border around each picture and some random scrap booking corner stickers that I found at Michael's for $0.99!
  • I glued everything down and put it in the frame.
  • For the vinyl I also used my Cricut and vinyl and cut out the word "Family" "joy" and "love" and the two hearts.
  • Jason helped me hang everything and Voila!  I am pretty much in love!  I still want to add "Moments paused in time" under the clock in vinyl, but mostly it is perfect. 

Cheap Family Wall Displays

Much more affordable.  It is not exactly what I was wanting (I really really really wanted to use old pocket watches in place of the paper cutouts and nix the larger clocks, but I digress).

Show me your family walls people!



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