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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life is just not fair

This morning after a short battle with leukemia, my grandmother passed away.  Life is just not fair sometimes.  This 84 year old women was not on any medication, was healthy by most accounts and just like that she is gone.  My sister and I were very close with her.  She went on most of our family vacations with us and sometimes even lead the vacations.

She was a blunt woman.  She endured more then many I know and raised 5 children BY HERSELF 50 years ago which was unheard of.  She was a tough lady.

So here are some of my favorite grandma moments:

  • When I was about 4 I sat on a curling iron and burned my thigh with 1st and 2nd degree burns. We had planned a vacation to Utah to visit my aunt and grandma took care to change the bandages and make sure I was comfortable the entire drive and trip there and back.  
  • When my sister was bit in the face by a dog, Grandma stayed with me and comforted me as I thought Ashley was dying.  
  • We went to as many Disney on Ice performances as we possibly could and as Ashley and I got older we took grandma to them too.  She loved getting the souvenir cup, but let us eat the crappy snow cone that came with it. The last Disney on Ice we went to was a little over a year ago at the Pepsi center and we LOST grandma!  We somehow kept both tiny kids with us, but she went to the bathroom and was lost.  After some wandering we spotted her and laughed.  
  • Grandma watched Ashley and I a lot and liked to play cards.  One time we were playing kings corner and it was pretty quiet.  Grandma said "lets get some music up in this joint."  We never let her live her ghetto down.
  • On our trip to the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games, grandma just about whooped mine and Ashley's ass' for fighting over markers while making posters for our uncle Jondon.  I actually think Jesus intervened here and saved our lives :)
  • She love the holidays and had EVERY SINGLE holiday on display in her house year round. I never noticed this until Jason and I were visiting and he started playing "I spy" with all the holidays.  Literally EVER SINGLE HOLIDAY and a clock that had all of them on there too.  
  • She taught me how to swim and how to hold my breath for about 3 minutes underwater.  I used to be able to swim the entire length of an Olympic sized swimming pool underwater because of her. 
  • Every car she ever owned had some T-shirt on the seats to protect them and stuffed animals in the windows with country blaring. 
  • One time grandma was speeding like crazy and got pulled over.  I thought I was going to jail. 
Grandma I love you and I miss you terribly.