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Monday, February 17, 2014

What's happening?

Well it's been busy and my children are slightly driving me crazy! 

So here is what's been happening:

Emberlynn puts anything and everything in her mouth...I predict many ER trips in the future with this little daredevil. 

Eyan got a haircut and seriously steals my heart daily all while testing my patience!

I tried to buy soft soles shoes for Emberlynn in the 0-6 month smallest size as I am sure she will be running here shortly.  Yeah that didn't work.

The peanut decided sleep was overrated and chose to stay up to 12am watching the Olympics!  

Bath time is too fun at our house.  

The kids fight over stupid toys and already I am starting to figure out ways to curb this.  Dear God she is strong headed and he is ornery.  Help us!