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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Emberlynn Rose

My dear baby girl,

The day is here and just like the day of your birth, it is bittersweet.  I say that because I still miss you kicking and rolling around in my belly with hiccups but I am loving the beautiful, smart, silly little girl you are becoming.  The gift of being your mother never escapes my mind and even in those nights and moments where you can be frustrating (and you can be!), I am always so thankful that I at least get those moments.  I have loved every moment of being your mom.  Dressing you up is one of my favorites and although your daddy gives me crap, I just love coordinating bows and shoes and earrings with your outfit.  This one area scared the heck out of me, but honestly kid, I am kinda rocking it...and so are you!

You are such a good sleeper and eater.  No seriously for such a small person you throw food down like a teenage boy and are scouting out your next meal mid bite.  As far as sleep goes, you still have your moments, but you are nothing like your brother.  You enjoy sleeping at night and so do I...lets keep this up.

You love your brother and light up when he comes to get you from a nap or brings a toy to you or feeds you something.  You follow him around and have figured out the stairs because you know he can get up those fast to get away.  You are getting fast though and starting to stand so I know you will catch him soon.

You are still so tiny.  We get your official weight and height done today but from my guess you are just around 15lbs and still wearing size 1 diapers and 6 month clothing.  We tried size 2 diapers this past weekend, and you are still a bit too small for them.  So size 1 at ONE...crazy!

I have so many amazing plans for your birthday and you are so loved.  You have no clue the amount of people who just adore you and cannot wait to celebrate with you.  The family that we created with our biological family and our amazing friends is beautiful and sharing you with them is a complete joy!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Mama (aka)