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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Kids are Dirty

Let me just tell you, lately these two are just a lot of silly trouble.  Gross, dirty, silly trouble and this OCD mama is really struggling to keep them clean. (Note:  I say this all in fun so smile folks).

Emmi is OBSESSED with the shoe basket.  Literally if I am not chasing her away from the stairs I am digging her out of these shoes.  Gah shoes just gross me out...bacteria infested nasty things (that would be the science teacher in me). However, my little girly girl is fully enthralled in these nasty dirty things.

Eyan just about killed me the other day when he showed me his filthy hands from "working on daddy's 4-wheeler."  This picture hardly does justice, these were so gross and dirty and he was beyond proud.  I had to drag him to the sink and he just rinsed his hands and would not use soap.  

It is a good darn thing these kids are cute, because this dirt is killing me.  

Have a happy Thursday!