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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just for Baby With Love #Review #Coupon!

People!  Did you see this?  OMG, no seriously OH MY GOSH!

Crochet Mermaid Infant Outfit
Photo Courtesy of the amazing Krista Haffner Photo

I may have a slight obsession with the Little Mermaid and even more so with the green and purple combination we have been using in Emberlynn's milestone photos!  So when I hopped on Etsy and came across Stephanie's store Just for Baby With Love, I just about lost my mind and bought everything!

I purchased this set with my specific color choices and Stephanie was quick to create it and send it to me! Her customer service and quick replies were excellent and she even sent me some sample pictures to choose the correct color of yarn that I was looking for.  In addition it is quite difficult to dress a 12 month old who is extremely tiny.  Stephanie made it easy.  I sent her the baby's clothing sizes and she was off making the mermaid costume to fit perfectly!

Getting Emberlynn into the outfit was easy as the yarn was stretchy and the baby seemed pretty comfortable. She could even crawl around in it!  Krista and I laughed a lot watching her move around with the adorable tail.  The yarn is soft, high quality and her skills are impeccable.

Please make sure to check out Just for Baby With Love on Etsy and Facebook.  Browse her awesome selections and hey here is a bonus!  Stephanie is offering ALL of my readers 15% off their purchase just by entering the code FUNK15 at checkout!  WHOOP!



  1. Oh Em Gee!!! You have the most beautiful little girl ever!! She is absolutely adorable!

  2. That is adorable. The baby lamb hat and diaper cover are super cute too.


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